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My Account

Using the My Account features lets you manage many of your account details online. By logging in, you can renew materials you have checked out, view the status of your requests, check whether you have any fines/fees, and save your searches for future use. To access My Account, click the My Account link, which appears at the top of each page in Discover after you have signed in.

How to access My Account

  1. From the Library website, go to Discover in the middle of the screen and click Advanced Search.
    Click Sign in (upper right corner).
  2. Login with your NetID and Password.
  3. Click on My Account at the top right corner of the web page.

If you have difficulty viewing My Account

Please follow these steps to clear the cache in your browser.

Why Should I Sign In?

When you sign into Discover, you are able to do the following:

  • Set preferences for your current and future sessions. You can set your preferences so that they reflect the way you usually search, and save them for future sessions.
  • Add items you found and queries you submitted permanently to your basket. You can save items from your results list to your basket and you can save queries that you have performed for future use.
  • Set alerts for your queries. Once you set up alerts for your queries, these queries run automatically and send you alerts via email when they locate new items that meet your search criteria.
  • Access external licensed resources. McDermott Library offers licensed information resources to its users. By utilizing the Discover search box, you can retrieve items from these additional resources. Logging into your account is not necessary to retrieve search results. Signing in does, however, maximize the number of results returned from your searches.
  • Use library services. You can benefit from library services such as requesting or recalling items.
  • Tag and review items. You can assign words or phrases to items to help you organize and locate items later. Since tags are made public, other users can view your tags and use them. Additionally, you can review items to share your opinions with others.
  • View your personal Library Account

Why Should I Sign Out?

  • You should sign out so that your searches remain private and your personal settings and basket are not tampered with by anyone else.

Personal Settings

You can tailor the Discover user interface so that it reflects the way you usually search. For example, you can specify the default language, the maximum numbers of search results per page, your default e-mail address, and your cell phone number. To set your preferences, click the Personal Settings option on the left side of My Account.
Note: To keep your settings for future sessions, you must sign in and save your preferences.

Using e-Shelf

e-Shelf allows you to save and organize items that you find during your Discover session. To access e-Shelf, click the e-Shelf link at the top of the page.

Saving Items to e-Shelf
When you select the Star icon for an item in the search results, the system highlights the icon and adds the item to the Basket folder in e-Shelf.

Note: You must sign in to save items in e-Shelf for future sessions.

Removing Items from e-Shelf
To remove an item and all of its copies in the various folders in e-Shelf, select the highlighted Star icon next to the item in the search results.

If you do not want to delete all copies of an item in e-Shelf, you must remove each copy directly from e-Shelf.