Multimedia Policies

Check Out Periods

Films On Reserve

Films are checked out to UTD faculty for 7 days. Materials may leave the library for classroom use only.

UTD students and staff check out period is 4 hours, and materials must remain in the library and are to be viewed on library equipment. If a student or staff member is a Proxy for a UTD faculty member, the materials may leave the library and have a 7-day check out period.

Films Not on Reserve

UTD faculty members are allowed a 7-day, one renewal, check out period.

UTD students and staff are allowed a 7-day, no renewal check out period.

Library Friends, Texshare Patrons, Visiting Scholars may checkout one item for 4-hours in library use only

Digital Cameras and Calculators

UTD faculty members, students and staff are allowed a 7-day, no renewal check out period.

Loaned Materials

Material loaned to UTD from other Universities will only be accessible by Faculty members or proxies for classroom use. Loan periods and conditions of use are determined by the lending library. For more information on loan material contact the Interlibrary Loan (ILL) Office by e-mail [email protected],or call 972-883-2900.

The Multimedia Services Office does not deliver or retrieve materials. It is the responsibility of Faculty members and students to check out and return materials.

Late Fees

For non-reserve media items, digital cameras, and calculators, there is $1 per day late charge per item for the first 21 days that the overdue materials are not returned to the Multimedia Services Office. On the 21st day, the status of items will become lost and a $21 overdue fee + $25 processing fee + replacement cost fee will be charged per item. Reserve items and headphones will incur a $0.10 per minute overdue charge.

Proxy Patrons

A faculty member may appoint students or staff members as a proxy patron to check out materials on the faculty member's account. Proxy patrons must be UTD students or staff with a valid current UTD ID (Comet Card). A letter or email from faculty members wishing to add a proxy to their account must be given to the Media Services supervisor Paula Perkins. Phone call requests are not acceptable. The letter should identify the name of the patron to be added as a proxy and the semester for which they are to be a proxy.


To make sure that the films are available for classroom presentations, the UTD faculty members need to contact Ellen Safley or Paula Perkins. Otherwise, faculty might find that the films are checked out when they are needed for a class.

This policy should enable students to use films for class presentations. Under no circumstances are the materials to be used for a commercial presentation. This is strictly forbidden by federal copyright law.