Accessibility Service Policy

Updated August 2014

The University of Texas at Dallas Libraries staff strives to provide all UT-Dallas students, faculty, and staff equal access to information in support of their curriculum and research needs. The goal of the UT-Dallas Libraries is to provide services that will encourage and enhance the use of our collections.

The Library offers a wide range of services for patrons with disabilities that encourages their independent use of the Library. However, we recognize that special assistance is needed to use some library resources. To ensure staff availability, advance notice may be required to make full use for some services as outlined in this policy.


UT-Dallas provides accessible parking north of McDermott Library and wheelchair ramps are available. Accessible parking at Callier Center is located south of the main entrance to the center. UT-Dallas Police will provide students with appropriate parking permits (972-883-2344 at main campus, 215-905-3000 at Callier Center). All floors of the McDermott Library are accessible by elevator. Each elevator provides Braille lettering. If access is needed to the lower level of the Library, users can request assistance at the Information Desk in the Lobby. Callier Center Library is on the main floor of the Callier Center (1966 Inwood Road, Dallas, Texas). No elevator assistance is necessary for access.

McDermott Library is equipped with automatic doors on the North and West entrances. The Lobby has an accessible campus telephone. The staff at the Information Desk can assist users needing to contact DART for a ride to another location.

Callier Center has automatic doors on the South entrance of the building. There is a public TTY phone at the appointments desk of the Callier Center and a public pay phone in the waiting area. An accessibility lift is available in the lobby to gain access to these areas. Accessible restrooms are on the main floor of the center. Library staff will assist patrons needing to contact DART.

Most library seating will accommodate a wheelchair and special seating is available for the disabled on each level of McDermott Library. There is an ADA-approved study table available at the Callier Center Library. In addition, an accessible restroom is available on the 2nd floor of McDermott Library. Accessible restrooms are located on the main floor of Callier Center.


The Library staff will provide service and/or reasonable accommodations aimed at equalizing access to library resources. The type and nature of the assistance is determined by the request. While most special assistance can be given at the time of the request, it may be necessary for students to make an appointment so that appropriate staff can be available during their visit to the Library.

Reference Services and Adaptive Technology

The reference librarians of McDermott and Callier Libraries provide service to assist users in identifying and locating materials and information. Traditionally, reference service includes instruction in the use of our materials and assistance in library research. Librarians will make every attempt to provide service while on duty at the Reference Desk. Extended questions will be referred to Mr. Matt Makowka (McDermott Library), or Matthew Young (Callier Library), when service cannot be completed while on the Reference Desk. While reference service is not available during all library hours, the librarians do provide assistance in person, by telephone, by online request, and by special appointment during regular working hours. Contact Matt Makowka at (972) 883-6773, or Matthew Young at (214) 905-3165 at Callier Library, for further information or an appointment.

The Libraries provide access to a growing collection of periodical databases, electronic full-text journals, faculty reserve course readings, and other numeric and bibliographic materials through the Library's web page. Access to these materials is available in McDermott and Callier Libraries and remotely at other locations as supported by the UTD Information Resources Department. Instructions in establishing access to this material are available on the UTD Information Resources Department web page. In addition, a workstation is available across from the McDermott Library Reference Desk that provides access to the online catalog. The workstation is equipped with special software that could be useful to users with visual disabilities. No such workstation exists at Callier Center Library, but library staff will assist with any online searches a patron wishes to perform.

In addition to traditional reference service, McDermott and Callier Libraries can make arrangements for a tour or special instruction on the use of the Library and its collections. In addition, faculty members often bring their classes to the library for group instruction on the use of materials. The librarian conducting the instruction can make arrangements for an individual instruction session for students with a disability. Contact Loreen Henry at McDermott Library (972) 883-2126, for further information or for an appointment.

McDermott Library owns adaptive technology for patron use. The equipment, located in the McDermott Library Accessibility Office (MC 2.216) includes an Optelec ClearView 700 magnifier, a scanner, a Braille Blazer printer, and a computer with the following software: Jaws for Windows, Magic, OpenBook, Duxbury for Windows, Dragon Naturally Speaking, Scientific Notebook, and Math Talk. Users can gain access to the equipment by attending a training session on it. An appointment can be made with Matt Makowka for training on the use of the equipment. A permanent record of the training will be retained in the Library’s circulation system. Once training has occurred, users can use the equipment in the Accessibility Office by presenting their UTD-ID (Comet Card) at the Reference Desk. During hours without reference service, users can present their UTD-IDs at the Circulation Desk. This equipment is not available to non-UTD users as it provides access to materials that are licensed only to our students, faculty, and staff.

The Accessibility Office is available on a first-come-first-served basis or by appointment - (972) 883-2643 - to UTD students, faculty, and staff. Appointment times and the use of the Accessibility Office are scheduled for 2 hour blocks. If no one is waiting for the office, the user can continue working. If a user does not show up 15 minutes after the appointment time, the room will be made available to the next person.

Adaptive technology equipment is NOT available at the Callier Center Library. For Callier Center materials, a patron would request materials to be transferred to McDermott Library for use on the main campus. Please contact the Callier Center Library at least 3 days in advance of such a transfer.

At the beginning of each semester, McDermott Library will coordinate with the UTD Office of Student AccessAbility to offer group training on the use of this special equipment.

Requests for additional assistance in the use of this special equipment or demands for additional hardware and software should be addressed to the Associate Library Director for Systems, Jean Vik (972) 883-2623.

Circulation Services

Retrieval of Materials

The Library staff recognizes that specialized help is sometimes required for individuals and we will attempt to provide the necessary assistance. Staff in all Library departments can assist users in finding a book or journal.

Service accommodations during primary service hours include helping patrons retrieve, check out/renew, and copy library resources. Since all McDermott and Callier Center Library stacks are not accessible, Circulation staff will retrieve materials by request. The user should provide a list of the required items to the Circulation Desk staff. If staffing permits, retrieval will be done immediately. Please advise the Circulation staff when the material is required. If the material cannot be retrieved immediately, the Library staff will strive to make items available within 24 hours free of charge. The requested materials can be picked up at the Circulation Desk.

Renewals and Proxy Patrons

The Library will provide online renewal of items through the library catalog. The Library can also renew most materials by telephone (972) 883-2953.

The Library online system can register another individual to act as a Proxy for you. The Proxy user can borrow and renew items for you. Proxy requests should be made to Paula Perkins at McDermott or Matthew Young at Callier Center Library.

Photocopy Services

Circulation Desk staff is available to assist in the copying of materials in the McDermott Library Copy Center during most day and evening hours until midnight and at Callier Center Library during business hours. Copiers are accessible to users during all library hours.

Staff can copy materials for disabled users by special request. Users can request copy services by providing the Circulation/Reserve Desk staff at McDermott, or the Circulation staff at Callier with a list of the materials to be copied. The Library will provide this service in accordance with all copyright laws, as staff is available; however, most requests for copying will take 24 hours to complete. Black and white copies cost $0.10 per side ($0.06 per side when using a Comet Card), while color copies cost $0.25 per side. If the Library does not own the material, the user will be referred to Interlibrary Loan Services for assistance. For questions concerning copy services, contact Kristen Palmiere or (972) 883-2593 at McDermott Library and Matthew Young or (214) 905-3165 at the Callier Center Library for additional information.

Printing Services

Printing from the McDermott Library Accessibility Office costs $.10 per side for black and white printing ($0.06 per side when using a comet card) and $0.25 per side for color printing. During Reference Desk hours, the Reference Librarian on duty will assist students with printing. If Reference Librarians are unavailable, the Circulation/Reserve desk staff will assist students in the use of printers.

Request for Accommodation

Any UT Dallas student or faculty member who requires special accommodations beyond the services listed above should contact the Dean of Libraries Dr. Ellen Safley,(972) 883-2960.