Library Exhibits

Embrace Your Geekness Day
Main Lobby Case – 2nd floor
Let’s face it. Devices make our lives easier…and fun. We live in a social media loving, technology and gadget-driven world. If this makes us a geek, we’re so guilty. Join us and Embrace Your Geekness Day on July 13th. View our 2nd floor display case which highlights some of the geekiest aspects of our collection (all available for checkout)! Love your inner nerd and show the world that being smart and technologically savvy can be fun.
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Ice Cream Month
Two Elevator Anteroom Cases – 2nd Floor
July is National Ice Cream Month. In 1984, President Ronald Reagan designated July as National Ice Cream Month and the third Sunday of the month as National Ice Cream Day. In the proclamation, President Reagan called for all people of the United States to observe these events with "appropriate ceremonies and activities." In 2015, National Ice Cream Day is Sunday, July 19.
Jay McAllister
Instruction Librarian

Parks and Recreation
Elevator Right Case – 2nd Floor
Since 1985, America has celebrated July as the nation’s official Park and Recreation month. Here we will offer some safety tips and fun ideas for your summer recreation. So before you plan your next camping, hiking, or canoeing trip, please stop by and see what all there is to consider when venturing outdoors.
Kendra Boyd
Ordering Specialist
Happy Birthday Harry Potter
Juvenile Literature Case – 2nd floor
Harry Potter’s and J.K. Rowling’s birthday is July 31st. Come celebrate with them by reading about one of Harry’s adventures in the juvenile collection.
Katie Zlotnik
Library Assistant III
The Smithsonian Institution
Government Documents Case - 2nd Floor
In 1829, an English chemist and mineralogist, James Smithson, left a will stating that if his nephew and sole heir should die without children, his estate should go to the United States “to found at Washington, under the name of the Smithsonian Institution, an establishment for the increase and diffusion of knowledge among men.”   After Smithson’s nephew died in 1835, there was a decade of congressional debates between the federalists and the advocates of states’ rights (who argued there was no constitutional authority to create a national institution).  The federalists finally prevailed, founding the Smithsonian Institution, an organization established by the U.S. government as a public trust.  Come by this display to learn more about Smithson and the Smithsonian Institution.
Marna Morland
Special Formats Metadata Librarian
McDermott Scholars Cultural Experiences
McDermott Scholars Case – 3rd floor
This exhibit showcases the diverse travel locations and cultural experiences of the McDermott Scholars through the existence of The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program. As McDermott Scholars, students are required to study abroad for at least one academic term during their time in the Program. This case holds a collection of some mementos that the Scholars have brought back from their travels. To date, over 60 countries have been visited by over 150 Scholars.
The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program
Enola Gay Controversy
Special Collections Department Case – 3rd floor
The Enola Gay was the B-29 bomber that dropped the first atomic bomb in warfare. An exhibit at the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum (NASM) sparked controversy with veteran groups who claimed that the display omitted the true reason for dropping the atomic bomb and sympathized too much with the Japanese. Several WWII veterans were part of the push to change the NASM exhibit through letter-writing campaigns and articles on the subject. Our exhibit includes items that document the Enola Gay controversy. This display also contains photographs of the veterans working to change the Smithsonian exhibit as well as books on the Enola Gay, political cartoons, and newspaper articles.
Ally Boland
Special Collections Intern
The United States Transcontinental Air Speed Record
Special Collections Department Case – 3rd floor
One of the major goals of aviation technology development has been a race to increase aircraft speed. This display highlights the evolution of the transcontinental aviation speed record and the record-breaking aircraft involved. Also included are two other important speed records. The Schneider Trophy was awarded to the fastest flight by a seaplane over water. The Thompson Trophy was presented to the winner of the Cleveland National Air Races, where designers built custom aircraft designed for speed.
Dr. Thomas Allen
Special Collections Curator
2015 Baseball Hall of Fame: Craig Biggio
Stacks Case – 3rd floor
Former American professional baseball player, Craig Biggio spent his entire 20-year baseball career as a second baseman, catcher and outfielder for the Houston Astros. Considered to be one of the best all-around position players in club history, the Astros retired the number 7 in his honor. Now Biggio takes his place among baseball’s elite when he’s inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame on July 26. Learn more about Biggio, his stats, and see memorabilia from his career in this display.
Linda DePhillips
Statistical Analyst Librarian
UT Dallas: The Beginning
Stacks Cases – 4th Floor
In the Early 1970s, Margaret and Eugene McDermott of Texas Instruments visited UT Dallas to see a model of what would become the Eugene McDermott Library. The library was the first of three new buildings opening in preparation of the school becoming a four year institution. Joining them is the University’s first president, Dr. Bryce Jordan. View this image and other historical moments from UT Dallas’ past in this display.
Library Administration