Library Exhibits

Holidays Around the World
Main Lobby Case – 2nd floor
The main lobby display features books and movies about December holidays celebrated throughout the world. From Pancha Ganapti, Bodhi Day, Hogmany and Dongzhi, to Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, St. Lucia’s Day, and Las Posadas, you'll have the opportunity to learn about a new culture and a new holiday celebration!
Access and Delivery Services Student Staff -Top Picks for 2015
Two Elevator Anteroom Cases – 2nd Floor
Amazon's editors released their list of the top books of the year so far. Stop by this case and see what we have available, both online and in print.
Library Administration
Star Wars
Elevator Right Case – 2nd Floor
Even McDermott Library is hyped for the new Star Wars release. Stop by the 2nd floor display case in preparation for Star Wars: The Force Awakens and check out our collection of items form George Lucas' most prolific franchise! May the Force be with you…
Bill Mikesell, Library Assistant III
Carina Corsigna, Library Assistant III
Katie Green, Library Assistant III
Children’s Holiday Books
Juvenile Literature Case – 2nd floor
Season’s Greetings. Come to the juvenile case and stock up on holiday children’s stories to get you through the winter break.
Katie Zlotnik
Library Assistant III
U.S. Gov Docs and the Holidays!
Government Documents Case - 2nd Floor
Many agencies in the United States government publish documents or host web sites that are useful over the holidays.  Come by this display and read about the history of the NORAD Tracks Santa program. Have a safer holiday after scanning through the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission's Holiday Decoration Safety Tips. And finally, the USDA Says "Be Food Safe" for Holiday Buffets steaming video teaches the correct way to serve food at every holiday party! These documents and many others will help you have a safe holiday.
Marna Morland
Special Formats Metadata Librarian
McDermott Scholars Cultural Experiences
McDermott Scholars Case – 3rd floor
This exhibit showcases the diverse travel locations and cultural experiences of the McDermott Scholars through the existence of The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program. As McDermott Scholars, students are required to study abroad for at least one academic term during their time in the Program. This case holds a collection of some mementos that the Scholars have brought back from their travels. To date, over 60 countries have been visited by over 150 Scholars.
The Eugene McDermott Scholars Program
Helicopters at Work
Special Collections Department Case – 3rd floor
With their ability to operate in a variety of environments, helicopters are an effective means of transportation. Operating in industries such as passenger transport, law enforcement, medical evacuation, traffic and news reporting, and petroleum exploration and support, helicopters provide a wide variety of services. The History of Aviation Collection highlights some history of the helicopter as well as recognizing the Twirly Birds, an organization of pioneering pilots of helicopters and other vertical take-off aircraft.
Thomas Allen, PhD
Curator of Special Collections
Book to Film
Stacks Case – 3rd floor
When books go to the big screen, some film adaptations impress you while others leave you scratching your head. Stop by the third floor display case to see what the critics have to say about your favorite books and their cinematic counterparts.
Bill Mikesell
Library Assistant III
Jack Kilby and the Integrated Circuit Postage Stamp
Stacks Cases – 4th Floor
Jack Kilby created the first integrated circuit in 1958. The size of a postage stamp, the circuit led to smaller, inexpensive electronic circuits that revolutionized the computer industry. Kilby was celebrated at an event held in McDermott Library in 1999. One year later, he received the Nobel Peace Prize. Stop by the case on the fourth floor and learn about Jack Kilby’s contributions as well as other notables such as the founders of UT Dallas.
Library Administration