UT Dallas faculty, staff and students are required to have an MVR check and complete training before they can operate any UT Dallas owned golf cart, utility vehicle, truck, car or van. Please see the sections below for information on Motor Vehicle Record checks, training requirements and accident reporting.

Motor Vehicle Record (MVR)

An MVR must be checked for all employees who drive University owned vehicles. The MVR verifies that the driver has a valid license issued by the state of Texas and lists all convictions for traffic violations issued to the driver in the past 36 months.  Before an employee can begin driving UTD owned vehicles, including golf carts, the employee must provide a copy of their driver’s license and the MVR Request to Risk Management.

Points are assigned to each driver based on traffic violations and convictions.  The amount of points assigned to a driver are based on the stipulations provided in Appendix B (PDF). If a driver is assigned four or more points due to violations within a three-year period, the driver will not be allowed to operate a University owned vehicle.

An MVR check will be conducted for all authorized drivers at least once per calendar year, after an employee has been involved in an accident with a UTD owned vehicle or upon request by management.


Risk Management utilizes a Learning Management System (LMS) that provides on-line safety training.  Defensive Driver, Golf Cart and 12-Passenger van training video courses will be assigned as necessary.

All UTD employees who are cleared to drive UTD owned vehicles, will be automatically enrolled in the LMS and receive email invitations for video training.  Video training will be assigned every three (3) years.

Accident Reporting

All vehicle accidents, no matter how minor, must be reported to UTD Police, or other local police department, and UTD Risk Management.

  1. Report the accident to the police;
  2. Report the accident to employee’s supervisor;
  3. Take photos of the damage and all vehicles involved in the accident;
  4. Obtain the contact information and insurance coverage information for the other driver(s) involved in the accident; and
  5. Complete an Incident Report Form and send to UTD Risk Management along with the police report, photos and driver information.

UTD Risk Management will investigate and communicate with the employee and supervisor.  UTD Risk Management will handle claims as appropriate.



Annette Rogers, CP ARM
Risk & Insurance Administrator
[email protected]