UT Dallas retains and disposes of all official records in accordance with records and information management policies and procedures. If you have any questions about UT Dallas Records Management, please contact the Records Retention Officer ([email protected] / 972.883.5291).
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To Dispose of Records:

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When do I need to fill out a Records Disposal Request?

Before disposing of any State Records, a Records Disposal Request MUST be submitted and approved by the Records Management Officer.  The Records Disposal Request form is to be completed for records that (1) have met their required retention period according to the UT Dallas Records Retention Schedule, (2) have no further legal, fiscal, administrative, or historical use, and (3) when all versions of records (paper, electronic, microfilm, etc.) in the department will be disposed of.

Disposing of State Records without receiving the approval of the Records Management Officer is a violation of Texas Government Code Section 441.187.

What is a State Record?

It is any recorded information created or received by or on behalf of a state agency documenting activities in the conduct of the state business or use of public resources.  So, almost everything we do at work results in State Records.  However, the term does not include:

(A) extra copies of recorded information maintained only for reference (aka Convenience Copies);

(B) library or museum material made or acquired and maintained solely for reference or exhibition purposes;

(C) a stock of publications or blank forms; or

(D) records of a personal nature (because they are not documenting state business).

These documents may be disposed of without completing a Records Disposal Request.

One last exception to the destruction approval requirement is Transitory Information.  Transitory Information are records of temporary usefulness that are not an integral part of a records series of an agency, that are not regularly filed within an agency’s recordkeeping system, and that are required only for a limited period of time for the completion of an action by an official or employee of the agency or in the preparation of an on-going records series.  Transitory records are not essential to the fulfillment of statutory obligations or to the documentation of agency functions. Some examples of transitory information, which can be in any medium (voice mail, fax, email, hard copy, etc.) are routine messages; telephone message notifications; internal meeting notices; routing slips; incoming letters or memoranda of transmittal that add nothing of substance to enclosures; and similar routine information used for communication, but not for the documentation, of a specific agency transaction.  Use caution in classifying a records as Transitory Information to make certain they are not part of another record series listed in this schedule.

How do I determine the correct series for my records?

The best question to ask when trying to determine which series a record belongs in is, “what is the purpose of this record?”

Records are classified into their series based on their content and purpose, not on their medium.  A student educational record, for example, belongs in the same series regardless of whether it is an email, a letter, a video, or an electronic file.

We have developed a Searchable Retention Schedule and Faculty Cheat Sheet to assist you.  If you still have questions, please contact our office.

Once you have identified the proper series for your records, make note of it for future use.  We recommend each department create their own Records Inventory.

To Request Storage for Records:

  • Submit a Request for Records Storage (PDF) form to the Records Retention Officer. Refer to the Records Retention Schedule (PDF) to complete the form.
  • The Records Retention Officer will notify you once your request is approved.
  • Schedule a time to meet with Records Retention Officer to have your records properly inventoried before being moved into the Records Management storage space.
  • Arrange to have your records moved into the Records Management storage space.

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