Winter Break Virtual Coding Camps: December 28-31 2020

We will offer several 4-day camp in parallel during the winter break (Monday-Thursday, December 28-31, 2020) virtually.

Level 1
10am-12noon Animations with Scratch 2-4pm Light up with Microbits
2-4pm Math & Scratch
Level 2
(Middle school)
10am-1pm 3D Animations with Alice
10am-1pm Web page design
2-5pm Creative Coding with p5js
(similar to Enjoyable Coding with JavaScript)
2-5pm Coding with Microbit
Level 3 (High School) 10am-1pm Problem Solving in C++
10am-1pm Problem Solving in Python
2-5pm AP Computer Science Review (Java)
2-5pm Hands-on AI bootcamp


Registration link: (Shortcut: Advance registration fee will be $100 until December 20th, with $25 automatic discount. Maximum 5 campers per group. We will create as many groups as needed, based on the actual # of registrations. Cancellation fee will be $10 until the first day. Prorated fee will refunded after the camp starts.

While we believe $100 fee is reasonable for 4 day camp & we need the fee to cover our expenses, we also believe that NO child should be left behind due to financial difficulties. Low income families can submit the reduced/FREE meals certificate from your school or the first page of 2019 year tax return to [email protected] and request for 50% discount. We may reduce the fee further under extraordinary circumstances.

Detailed description of these camps @

If this schedule is NOT convenient to you OR you want to cover another topic, Private tutoring on most topics available @ $16 per hour. Details @