Permanent Residence

Pending Permanent Residents

If you have applied for U.S. Permanent Residency (PR), please note that you will be considered an international student until you submit a copy of your Permanent Resident card (a.k.a. Green Card) to the following offices:

The timely submission of this documentation will allow us to update the fees that are assessed from our office to your account at the time of registration. The ISSO fee will still be applied to students who are pending Permanent Residency and have not yet been approved.

Report Your PR Status to UT Dallas

Once you are approved for Permanent Resident status and have received a Permanent Resident card or an I-551 stamp from a U.S. consulate, you may change your student category at UT Dallas. Submit a copy of the card or stamp to the Registrar’s Office and the ISSO.

If you submit this proof prior to Census Day, all international student fees for the current semester will be dropped. Submissions after Census Day become effective in the following semester.