Financial Documents for I-20

Submission Instructions

To request a UT Dallas I-20, submit the following to the International Student Services Office (ISSO):

  1. The completed UT Dallas financial affidavit.
  2. A copy of your passport.
  3. Supplemental funding documents, if applicable.

You can submit the above documents to the ISSO:

  • In person — Submit to the ISSO during office hours.
  • By mail — Additional electronic copies are not required.
    • International Student Services
      The University of Texas at Dallas
      800 W. Campbell Road, SSB34
      Richardson, TX 75080-3021
  • By e-mail — Additional paper copies are not required.
    • If you are a newly admitted student, e-mail your documents to
    • If you are currently enrolled, e-mail your documents to
    • Verify that the total size of attachments in one e-mail is no larger than 5MB. Do not send files in compressed formats, such as .rar or .zip. Instead, use a PDF, JPEG or DOC format.

UT Dallas Financial Affidavit Instructions

The Student Information Page

  • The Student Information page must be fully filled out.
  • If you will not have any dependents applying for an F-2 visa under your sponsorship you can leave the dependent information area blank.

The Financial Certification Page

  • The Financial Certification page must be fully filled out.
  • The Student, Sponsor and Bank official signatures must be handwritten. Electronic signatures cannot be taken.
  • If you have more than one sponsor or account, attach an additional, fully filled out financial certification page of the form.
  • If the bank section of the form is not completed, or if you have an additional funding source, attach a supplemental funding document. Examples include:
    • copy of bank statement,
    • scholarship letter,
    • UT Dallas assistantship letter, or
    • government funding support letter.
    All supplemental funding documents must meet the requirements listed on the Supplemental Financial Support Documents Requirements section below.
  • Most United States Consulates or Embassies will require original copies of all financial documents, including bank statements, when you apply for an F-1 visa

Supplemental Financial Support Documents Requirements

Scholarship or UT Dallas Assistantship Letter

  • The letter must:
    • have the student's full name,
    • have a description of the award and the amount, including the period of time when it is effective,
    • be signed by the institution or UT Dallas academic department representative, and
    • be on the institution letterhead.
  • Submit to the ISSO a copy of the letter along with the UT Dallas financial affidavit form.

Bank Statement

If the Bank Certification part of the Financial Certification page of the UT Dallas financial affidavit is not completed by the bank, you can submit along with the UT Dallas financial affidavit form a bank statement or a bank letter.

The bank statement or bank letter must have all of the requirements listed below. If any of the following elements is missing from your bank statement or bank letter, the document cannot be used for the I-20:

  • The bank statement or bank letter must be on the institution letterhead.
  • The account holder's name. The name must be written in English. The name must match the sponsor's name in the UT Dallas Financial affidavit.
  • The last four digits of the account number (if applicable).
  • The type of account. The account must verify liquid assets. The type of accounts that most commonly indicate liquid assets are: checking, savings, or deposit accounts.*
  • The balance at the time of issuance.
  • The date of issuance. The document cannot be used for the I-20 if at the time of evaluation more than 6 months have passed from the date the document was issued.

* Note: The following types of funds cannot be used for I-20 purposes: retirement accounts, property statements, investment account statements, chartered accountant statements, solvency or financial capability certificates, life insurance statements, and salary statements.

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