Admission to UT Dallas

The UT Dallas Admission and Enrollment office helps people identify the available academic programs and follow the application process of the University.

In the United States, the term freshman applies to first-time undergraduate students. Transfer students are undergraduate students who have earned some credits toward a bachelors degree. Graduate students are those who have a bachelors degree or equivalent and will begin work on a masters or doctoral degree at UT Dallas.

Admission and Enrollment staff is available to answer academic questions related to:

  • transcripts
  • TOEFL requirements
  • foreign transfer credit
  • application deadlines and fees

For questions about the application process, visit the Admission and EnrollmentĀ  website or email If you wish to defer your admission, you may do so with Admission and Enrollment as well.

Once you have applied to the University, you may follow up the status of your application by logging into Galaxy, the UT Dallas online portal. If you have questions about your application status, you may also contact Admission and Enrollment.

After you are admitted to UT Dallas, you may establish and use your UT Dallas email account. Important information about your I-20 immigration documents will be sent to this account as soon as you are admitted. You can log in to your UT Dallas email account with your Net ID and password at Galaxy.

Please contact the UT Dallas Help Desk for assistance in setting up or accessing your UT Dallas email account.