Interdisciplinary Studies Faculty & Staff

Program Faculty

Kathleen A. Byrnes Kathleen A. Byrnes
Program Head, Healthcare Studies, Senior Lecturer IAreas of Interest: Mental Health, Gerontology, Health Care Administration, Health Careers Preparation
HH 2.104B
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Susan P. Chizeck Susan P. Chizeck
Senior Lecturer IIAreas of Interest: Health Policy, Asian Studies, Experiential Education and Mental Health
HH 2.808
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Dachang Cong Dachang Cong
Senior Lecturer II and Associate DeanAreas of Interest: American Cultures, Chinese/East Asian Cultures, Globalization, Amish People
HH 2.302
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day square Lora Day
LecturerAreas of Interest: Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics
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Jillian M. Duquaine-Watson Jillian M. Duquaine-Watson
Senior Lecturer IAreas of Interest: Social Change, International Development, Poverty, Motherhood and Reproduction
HH 2.810
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George W. Fair George W. Fair
Professor and DeanAreas of Interest: Mathematics Education, Homeless Children
HH 2.138
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frome square Jonathan Frome
Senior LecturerAreas of Interest:  Cognitive Psychology, Emotion, Aesthetics, Film, Videogames, Documentary, Animation, Intersections Between Science and the Arts
HH 2.816
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hawkins square1 Jim Hawkins
LecturerAreas of Interest: Mentoring, Nutrition, Critical Thinking
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Karen J. Prager Karen J. Prager
ProfessorAreas of Interest: Romantic Relationships, Intimacy, Conflict Management, Gender Equity, Marriage
GR 2.600 / HH 2.501
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Root square Alexey Root
Senior Lecturer IAreas of Interest: K-12 Education, Gifted and Talented Education, Social Studies Education, Public and School Libraries, Chess


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Elizabeth Mary Salter Elizabeth Mary Salter
Senior Lecturer IIIAreas of Interest: Skeletal Biology, Biology of Women, Craniofacial
HH 2.114
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Erin Smith Erin Smith
Associate ProfessorAreas of Interest: 19th- and 20th-century American Literatures and Cultures, History of the Book, Gender Studies
HH 2.304
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Lynn Winstead-Mabe Lynn Winstead-Mabe
Senior Lecturer IAreas of Interest: Interpersonal Communication, Professional Communication, Crisis Management and Response, Emergency Responder and Law Enforcement Critical Incident Response
HH 2.812
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Tonja Wissinger Tonja Wissinger
Senior Lecturer I and Assistant DeanAreas of Interest: Women’s History, American and British Women’s Literature, Gender Studies, History of Medicine, Childhood Sexual Abuse, and Alcohol Studies
HH 2.804
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 Wright David Wright
LecturerAreas of Interest: Inquiry, Marketing
HH 2.816
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Yasmin square Seema Yasmin
Professor in PracticeAreas of Interest: Public Health, Epidemiology, Health Disparities, Prisoner Health, Medicine in the Media
HH 2.132
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Academic and Administrative Staff

Monica Boyd
Administrative Assistant II,
Healthcare Studies Program / Internship Program
HH 2.126
Michele Brown
Academic Support Coordinator,
Undergraduate Program / Chess Online Program
HH 2.110
Molly Dickinson
Molly Dickinson
Business Manager,
Interdisciplinary Studies / Dean’s Office
HH 2.124
Soli Ghirmai
Soli Ghirmai
Program Director,
Academic Bridge Program
HH 2.802
Nasreen Hasan
Undergraduate Academic Advisor II,
Healthcare Studies
HH 2.115
972-883-2323 to schedule appointment
Tess Kuo
Tess Kuo
Undergraduate Academic Advisor III,
Healthcare Studies
HH 2.112
972-883-2323 to schedule appointment
Flor Llauce
Student Development Specialist II,
Academic Bridge Program
HH 2.702
Jackie Long
Jackie Long
Project Supervisor,
Academic Bridge Program
HH 2.702A
Peavey (2)
Ahnna Peavey
Administrative Services Officer,
Interdisciplinary Studies / Dean’s Office
HH 2.136
Desta Seifu
Desta Seifu
Assistant Director,
Academic Bridge Program
HH 2.702B
Rosalinda Valenzuela
Rosalinda Valenzuela
Project Supervisor,
Academic Bridge Program
HH 2.606A
Shaun Wilson
Shaunqula Wilson
Postdoctoral Research Associate,
Interdisciplinary Studies / Dean’s Office
HH 2.130
Becky Wiser
Becky Wiser
Academic Support Coordinator,
Graduate Admission / Graduate Program
HH 2.134