American Studies

The American Studies minor focuses on the cultures, institutions, arts, communication structures, businesses, social processes, and media in the United States of America. This interdisciplinary minor requires upper-level courses from American studies, gender studies and interdisciplinary studies. It will help prepare students for careers in business, non-profit organizations, media and communications.  It emphasizes the social and cultural diversity of American society.  The American Studies minor also prepares students in these same areas who intend to seek a graduate degree. 

The American Studies minor is 18 semester credit hours.

Required Courses (6 hours)

AMS 3302 American Cultures
BIS 3320 Nature of Intellectual Inquiry

Four Courses (12 hours) from:

AMS 3300 American Popular Culture
AMS 3321 American Ethnic Experience: Immigrants < 1945
AMS 3322 American Ethnic Experience: Immigrants > 1945
AMS 3326 The U.S. in the 21st Century
AMS 3374 Entrepreneurs in America
AMS 4360 Rebels and Reformers: Women and Alcohol in America
AMS 4379 Topics in American Studies
ISIS 3335 United States and East Asia
ISIS 3338 Native American Cultures