Step 1

Step 2

  • Fill out the CAR form with the following information:
    • In the Sponsor section, include a your name and extension in case the PAC office needs to contact you.
    • In the Additional Information section, specify that an Exchange Distribution List is needed. Including:
      • Proposed owner of the distribution list.
      • Initial set of names and email addresses to be included in the list.

Step 3

  • Submit the CAR form to Provisioning and Access Control.
  • Note: If you have any questions about the CAR form process, you can contact the PAC office at ext. 6880.

Step 4

  • Wait for the PAC office to process the CAR and send the distribution list information to the Exchange Admins.
  • Once the Exchange Admins have created the new distribution list, you will be notified of the new list’s name (e.g.