Unified Communications (Telecom) Support

UCS is bilateral communications support for campus telephone and voice mail/email services in conjunction with Networking and Telecommunications Services. TCS/UCS provides support for phones and phone services, while NTS supports the video, voice, and data infrastructure.

All service requests require the submission of a Telecommunication Service Request (TSR) form. See How To: Complete a TSR for instructions on how to fill out the form for common requests.


Standard Line and Equipment Charges

As of September 1, 2012, there are no charges billed back to the departments for standard line and equipment. In the past, these have been billed back once per year, usually in January. This practice has been discontinued.

Cellular/Mobility Products

Mobility products such as cell phones, broadband cards, tablet data plans and similar monthly subscriptions are billed back to the departments on a monthly basis. These charges occur in two forms, base charges for the device and overages.

Base charges are those charges subscribed by the user on a regular, monthly basis, such as the voice plan (minutes), data plan, and any other charges such as international calling. These are billing once per month at the first of the month for the previous month’s activity. So, your March billing would be charges for February. There are NO prorated charges.

Users may review their mobility charges online through the Gemini Financials Account Reconciliation if they have been previously granted access to that system. If access is desired, please contact us at extension 2700 for specific instructions on how to request access.

Overage charges are billed back once a month and represent when a user has exceeded voice minutes or data usage based on their subscribed plans.

Telephones, Relocations, Name Changes

Beginning September 1, 2012, there are typically no charges associated with deploying a new phone/fax line, moving an existing phone/fax line or renaming an extension.

In special cases, however, phones may be billed back to the department if the request is for a conference room phone. These phones are not stocked by the university, and are reasonably expensive (in excess of $1000). As such, these are ordered and billed back on a one-off basis.

In still other cases, when an area has had extensive remodeling or build out, and a project funding has been established, the equipment associated with the build out will be billed back to the cost center that is submitted for the installation.

Conference Calls

All conference call charges are billed back on a monthly basis.

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