OnBase – Imaging and Document Management

OnBase is an enterprise system that combines document imaging with electronic document management tools to capture, preserve, and deliver documents in digital form.

OnBase is used by numerous departments and colleges across campus and it is the responsibility of Enterprise Application Services to make sure that the system is administered, maintained, and upgraded regularly. In addition, the group performs workflow analysis, workflow development, and web forms design.

The EAS – OnBase team is made up by the following members:

  • Bradley Skiles, OnBase Manager
  • Daniel Johnson, OnBase System Administrator
  • John Harvey, OnBase Developer
  • Anthony Rowlands, OnBase Developer

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How do I get OnBase Implemented in my department?

In order to implement OnBase you will need the following:

  • Scanner
  • Windows (XP, Vista, 7, 8) Computer dedicated to the scanner
  • OnBase licenses specific to your implementation

To begin the conversation of what OnBase can do for you, please email us at onbase@utdallas.edu and we’ll be happy to discuss all requirements, associated costs, and details of how implementation would work.

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How do I request OnBase access for a new user in my department?

The request for access must come from the data owner for your specific department. If you’re not sure who that is, no problem. The Academic Dean, Department Head, or Director can initiate the request by submitting a JIRA through the Imaging & Document Management (IMG) JIRA project or by emailing us at onbase@utdallas.edu. Once we receive the request, we can verify who the data owner is, get their permission, and then complete the access request.

In addition, if it’s not already installed, you may need to request your department tech or Help Desk install the OnBase software on your computer.

If you have an employee leave, removing access is the same process – Create an IMG JIRA or email onbase@utdallas.edu and have the department’s data owner request access be removed.

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How do I get support if I’m having issues with OnBase?

Having an issue with OnBase? Need a change made to workflow, doc types, or keywords? The OnBase team is happy to help! For all requests involving problems, changes to workflow, maintenance, security, and enhancements please create an Imaging & Document Management (IMG) JIRA or email onbase@utdallas.edu.

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How do I get training for OnBase?

There are currently two ways to get training for OnBase. You can follow the links below to the vendor’s website, Hyland – maker of OnBase, and watch some short videos and you can contact us at onbase@utdallas.edu to request personalized training.

OnBase training links:

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