Submitting and Executing an International Partnership Proposal

International agreements may be proposed by UT Dallas faculty or administrators who have established a relationship with an international university, and wish to formalize a partnership on the institutional level. Proposals are subject to the International Partnership Development protocol prior to implementation.

Developing an international agreement proposal

Submitting an international agreement proposal

    Please note: IEDC agenda items / proposals are added on a first-come, first-added basis. Agenda items and proposals should be submitted to [email protected] no later than the previous Thursday (5 p.m. CT) to the IEDC meeting to be included in the IEDC agenda / meeting. IEDC reviews can result in several actions, including: approving as is, discussing and tabling until more information is available or asking the petitioner to re-negotiate terms of the agreement with the partner institution, and not approval.

Executing an international agreement proposal

    • The International Education Development Committee (IEDC) recommends the approval of a proposed agreement, and IPD routes the recommendation and agreement draft to the Dean and the Sponsor.
    • The sponsor submits the agreement to the partner institution to collect signatures.
    • After the partner institution and UT Dallas Dean have signed, the sponsor routes the signed agreement to IPD -- scanned documents are acceptable.
    • IPD collects the signature of the UT Dallas Provost and emails the executed agreement to the Dean and Sponsor.
    • The sponsor submits the executed agreement to the partner institution.
    • IPD updates institutional records such as the UT Dallas Portfolio of International Partnerships, Education Abroad systems (if applicable), and other UT Dallas records.