Protocol for Establishing an International Partnership

The protocol for the submission, review, and approval of international partnership proposals is represented in this flow chart. UT Dallas sponsors can submit their proposals based on the monthly meetings of the International Education Development Committee (IEDC) or the Academic Governance calendar in the case of dual degree program agreements.

  • Memorandum of Understanding / Agreement of Cooperation (MOU / AOC)
  • Affiliation Agreement (AA)
  • Student Exchange Program Agreement (SEPA)
  • Degree Program Agreement (DPA)
  • Dual Degree Program Agreements (DDPA) / Cotutelle Agreements (CA)
UT Dallas sponsor submits proposal and draft of the proposed partnership to [email protected]
See: submitting and executing an international partnership proposal
Non-standard requests, including agreements not using existing templates, will be submitted to the UT Dallas Attorney and/or UT System for review.

If required, add 1-2 months to the review/approval process
International Education Development Committee (IEDC) Review

Consideration will be given to:
academic appropriateness, institutional benefit, risk.

1 month review/ approval process
Only DDPA and CA
After IEDC, proposals will be routed through academic governance. This includes Graduate or Undergraduate Council, Committee on Educational Policy, Academic Council, Academic Senate, Provost's Office.

The review/ approval process is based on the Academic Governance calendar.*
    IPD Committee issues a memorandum addressed to UT Dallas Dean communicating one of the following:
  1. Approval. School routes the agreement to IPD to collect the UT Dallas Provost's or President's signature. Afterwards IPD provides the final signed copy to the school and publish it online.
  2. Reconsideration requested. School reviews and negotiates terms of partnership with international partner institution, if applicable. A revised proposal and agreement is submitted to IEDC for reconsideration.
  3. Not approval. No further action.
* DDPA and CA proposals must also meet the university's substantive change policy. Per this policy, all dual degree program agreements are subject to prior review by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools Commission on Colleges (SACSCOC).