Principles for Establishing International Partnerships

UT Dallas prioritizes international partnerships that meet the following principles:

    1. Alignment with UT Dallas vision and goals
  • Strength of alignment with UT Dallas vision and goals  and the corresponding UT Dallas School vision and objectives.
  • Articulation of learning, academic, and/or research objectives to be achieved through the potential partnership.
    1. Academic parity
  • Ranking and accreditation of the international institution.
  • Articulation of the value added to the existing academic / research curricula of UT Dallas.
    1. Sustainability
  • Fiscal resources available to engage in this international partnership.
  • Strength of interest and recruitment methods to support levels of participation.
  • Articulation of evaluation mechanisms to determine the success of the partnership.
    1. Intellectual and geographic diversity
  • The geographic diversity of the partnership in relationship to existing partnerships.
    1. Academic requirements (dual degree program agreements only)
  • Strength of pairing between existing UT Dallas undergraduate or master degrees and those of the international institution.
  • Strength of pairing between existing UT Dallas academic requirements and those of the international institution.

Administrative information required to establish an international partnership includes:

    1. Proposed UT Dallas sponsor details
  • Name.
  • UT Dallas title.
  • UT Dallas e-mail address and phone.
  • Relationship with proposed international partner institution.

The UT Dallas sponsor is responsible to:  be the primary contact and liaison with administrators at the respective partner institution; arrange the initial resources needed to facilitate the partnership, including access to research, facilities, publications and services; address any concerns or disputes that may arise relating to the terms and conditions of the partnership; review, evaluate, and report program activities and establish improvements for future agreements.

    1. Proposed UT Dallas program coordinator details
  • Name.
  • UT Dallas title.
  • UT Dallas e-mail address and phone.

The UT Dallas program coordinator is responsible to:  coordinate and facilitate activities of the partnership; be the primary contact with students, advising them for admission, transfer of credits, and special needs such as housing; plan and coordinate all activities within their institutions as well as with the proposed partner institution.