Continue Coverage After Graduation

If you are graduating this semester, are currently insured under UT SHIP and have had continuous coverage on your policy for at least six months, you are eligible to continue your coverage for an additional three months. The insurance company has additional rules that apply.

Please read rules and instructions listed below:

  • Continuation is only available for international students.
  • To enroll visit the enrollment page
  • You must enroll within 30 days of the expiration of the current policy. If you do not enroll within the 30 days, your application and payment will be denied and returned to you.
  • Continuation is for a mandatory three months.
  • You must pay for all three months at the time of enrollment.

Continuation of Coverage Monthly Rate

Student Spouse Each Child
$254.50 $254.50 $408
college students at the plinth

Coverage for Summer

All students holding non-immigrant visas and enrolled in summer classes are automatically enrolled in UT SHIP. Non-immigrant visa holders not registered for summer courses do not automatically have medical coverage.

If you would like to have health insurance during the summer semester while you are not taking any classes, then you may enroll directly with the insurance company. To enroll, please visit the enrollment page. You must enroll during the summer open enrollment period. For information about how to enroll in UT SHIP, please see how to purchase student health insurance or contact our office.