The Standards of Conduct Guide is being updated and will be reposted soon.


The purpose of the Standards of Conduct Guide is to emphasize the necessity for and the responsibility of all employees at UT Dallas to be aware of how to perform their duties and responsibilities in compliance with applicable provisions of federal and state laws, regulations and policies, and with the policies, rules and regulations of the Board of Regents of The UT System and UT Dallas.

Section 2113.014 of the Texas Government Code requires UT Dallas to give this information to all new employees. The information covers the standards of conduct required of all state employees.

The Guide is an outline of some of the laws, policies, rules and regulations that are pertinent to the conduct of employees of UT Dallas. It is not intended to be a comprehensive list of legal and ethical standards; rather it provides employees with information about and source references for the laws, policies, rules and regulations that have a direct effect on the University and its operations. Specific ethical or compliance questions of employees should be directed to the employee’s supervisor or the UT Dallas Chief Compliance Officer.

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