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The Information Security Office serves the University by ensuring our faculty, students and staff can perform their duties in a low-risk environment.

The Information Security Office supports the mission of UTD by building a culture of security awareness and risk management to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability of information assets.

We serve as partner and educator. Risk mitigation is achieved through awareness training, technology solutions, inclusion of security controls in new projects and regulatory compliance.

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Smarter Password Management

Matt Willoughby

October 12, 2020

Smarter Password Management banner photo
Recent studies show that the average person has 70-80 online accounts. It seems almost impossible to remember unique passwords for every single account. Unfortunately, this often leads us to re-use a handful of our most memorable (more…)

Staying Safe During Online Education

Chris Giles

October 2, 2020

Staying Safe During Online Education banner photo
The COVID-19 pandemic changed the way students achieve their education. As more students are now studying online than ever before, living rooms, bedrooms, and patios are the new classroom. Families have rapidly added computing (more…)

ISO Conversation – Job Scams Explained

Andy Cummings

September 10, 2020

ISO Conversation – Job Scams Explained banner photo
Students are receiving emails asking them to apply for a job that they can perform a few hours per week from home. These emails appear to come from a well-known corporation, someone claiming they’re a professor, etc. The work itself (more…)
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