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The Information Security Office serves the University by ensuring our faculty, students and staff can perform their duties in a low-risk environment.

The Information Security Office supports the mission of UTD by building a culture of security awareness and risk management to protect the confidentiality, integrity, availability and accountability of information assets.

We serve as partner and educator. Risk mitigation is achieved through awareness training, technology solutions, inclusion of security controls in new projects and regulatory compliance.

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Social Engineering: The People Hackers

Student Blog: Yusra Nadeem

January 15, 2020

Social Engineering: The People Hackers banner photo
Social engineering uses a human’s helpful nature against them to access personal data and gain entry into secure systems, such as bank accounts. Social engineering can take many forms, from an urgent company email to (more…)

Phishing Explained – Vishing and Smishing

Student Blog: Leeann Swiggett

January 14, 2020

Phishing Explained – Vishing and Smishing banner photo
There are many ways people can try to scam you. One of the most common and popular tactics is phishing. There are several forms of phishing, including whaling, spear-phishing, search engine fishing, etc. Just like these (more…)

6 Steps to Stay Secure Online

Student Blog: Nikita Adhikari

January 14, 2020

6 Steps to Stay Secure Online banner photo
The Internet is a very dangerous place nowadays. Long ago, security was only the responsibility of IT department. They also believed that as long as there was a right firewall, antivirus packages, and encryption, we would all be safe (more…)
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