F-1 Transfer In to UT Dallas

Questions about STEM eligibility of Business Analytics?

See our full FAQ on the STEM Eligible Degree List webpage. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact an advisor.

F-1 Transfer Students

Read the Guide for International F-1 Transfer Students if you are transferring to UT Dallas from another U.S. institution.

Transfer students must meet the following criteria:

  • Have gained admission to UT Dallas.
  • Are F-1 students at another U.S. institution (currently enrolled, or just graduated, or completed their program, or on OPT).
  • Plan to transfer their SEVIS immigration record to UT Dallas.

Apply for the UT Dallas I-20

The following documents are needed to apply for the UT Dallas I-20 form:

  • The UT Dallas Financial Affidavit Form
  • The UT Dallas Transfer Clearance Form
  • Supplemental financial support documents, if applicable.  All supplemental funding documents must meet the requirements listed on the UT Dallas website.
  • Copy of the passport ID page. This is the page that shows your name, photo and expiration date.
  • SEVIS immigration record. This is not a document, but your electronic immigration record.  Talk to the immigration advisor at the school that holds your SEVIS record about the transfer out process.

When to Submit

Submit your documents and SEVIS immigration record to the UT Dallas ISSO before the start of classes.  If you are traveling abroad over the summer, submit your documents early enough to re-enter the US with your UT Dallas I-20. You may view the UT Dallas academic calendar here to determine when the start of the semester will begin.

When Must A Transfer Student Start Classes

A student must begin classes at UT Dallas in the next available semester or within 5 months, whichever comes first, of the transfer release date or the OPT end date.

Summer session may be required for students who will transfer in to UT Dallas before completing a full academic year (two long semesters).

If you will not be starting classes within 5 months of your transfer in date, you will need to leave the United States with your transfer pending I-20.

How to Submit

To submit your documents to the ISSO, visit https://icomet.utdallas.edu.

  1. Login using your UT Dallas NetID and password.
  2. On the menu to the left, locate and click 'Prospective Students'
  3. Click 'New Admit: F-1 Student'
  4. Complete all of the forms on Step one ‘Requesting Your UT Dallas I-20', click F-1 I-20 Request
  5. Complete F-1 Financial Affidavit
  6. Fill out the Dependent I-20 Request
    • Answer the yes or no question, “do you intend to bring a spouse or a child(ren) as your dependent(s) with you to the US?”
    • If no, you may hit submit and proceed to the next form
    • If yes, completely fill out the eForm.
  7. Fill out the Transfer Clearance eForm.
    • Answer the yes or no question, “do you intend to transfer your I-20/SEVIS record from another US institution to UT Dallas?"
    • Select yes and completely fill out the eForm. Upload your completed Transfer Clearance Form.
  8. Choose one option under ‘Step two – Receive Your UT Dallas I-20’ and fill out the appropriate eForm.

Reporting the Status of Your Visa Application

If you are applying for F-1 visa, Keep the ISSO informed about the status of your visa application by submitting the ‘Visa Update’ from located in the 'New Admit: F-1 Student’ request in iComet. If you are unable to attend UT Dallas for the semester listed in the UT Dallas I-20 that you currently hold, submit the ‘Visa Update’ form as well to request a deferral UT Dallas I-20.

If for any reason, you need a reprint or update to your UT Dallas I-20, submit a request by using the ‘Initial/Transfer I-20 Reprint’ in iComet.

Receive your Form I-20

Announcement: Due to COVID-19, you will receive your initial I-20 electronically. We will send it to your UT Dallas email address. Please read the email carefully for instructions on how to receive the physical I-20 once you are ready for your visa appointment.

Express Mail Option

The ISSO can mail your I-20 by express mail. Refer to your confirmation email for instructions on how to request express shipping.

Request Your Academic Department to Collect Your I-20

After you have confirmed that someone from your academic department is willing to collect your I-20 and send it to you, please provide the name of the departmental contact and department name through iComet when submitting your I-20 documents.

Regular Mail

If you do not select an option to receive your Form I-20 within 7 days of your I-20 issuance, the ISSO will send your I-20 by U.S. standard mail to the “SEVIS-Foreign” address listed in the UT Dallas Galaxy system. Please ensure your “SEVIS-Foreign” address is correct. Please note that U.S. standard mail takes 2-4 weeks for delivery, and the I-20 does not have a tracking number.