Campus Resources for the Implementation of International Partnerships

Faculty and staff should consider the relevant issues of compliance and risk when implementing an International Partnership (IP).

In order to assist faculty and staff in determining the appropriate point of contact, IPD ([email protected]) is available to meet with faculty and staff, identify and facilitate connections to appropriate experts for general compliance or risk questions, and answer questions related to the internationalization of UT Dallas.

Type of Compliance Questions UT Dallas Office/Unit Contact
Exchange mobility
Faculty led programs
Independent studies
Education Abroad [email protected]
International education credit transfer Registrar’s Office [email protected]
Student’s immigration International Student Services Office F1 visa: [email protected]

J1 visa: [email protected]
International postdocs, short term scholar International Student Services Office [email protected]
International sponsored student programs (ISSP) International Student Services Office [email protected]
Academic considerations (academic content, dual degrees) Programs, Accreditation and Assessment Serenity R. King:
[email protected]
Research integrity
Conflict of Interest
Export control
Office of Research Integrity and Outreach Conor Wakeman:
[email protected]
Intellectual rights Office of Research Integrity and Outreach Brian Scott:
[email protected]
Legal affairs Office of Legal Affairs Tim Shaw:
[email protected]
Grants Office of Sponsored Programs [email protected]
UT Dallas trademark licenses Office of Communications [email protected]
Business international travel
International travel insurance
Country specific health and safety information
Office of International Risk & Safety [email protected]
Alumni relations and gifts Office of Development and Alumni Relations [email protected]
[email protected]
International social, cultural, and political considerations International Partnership Development [email protected]