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How do I access UT Dallas Jobs?

  • Instructions for accessing UT Dallas Jobs are contained on the HR web site under Toolkits. There is a section labeled Getting Started on UT Dallas Jobs, a PowerPoint presentation, and a User's Guide.  

Where can I go for help?

  • Call HR @ 2221 and ask for Employment, or visit the Hiring Page.

Where can I send feedback / suggestions on the UT Dallas Jobs?

  • Please send your feedback/suggestions to or call HR @2221 and ask for Employment.

Will UT Dallas Jobs log me out after a period of inactivity?

  • Yes, each time you access a new UT Dallas Jobs page, the clock starts, and if you haven't changed pages in 60 minutes, UT Dallas Jobs will log you off. It does provide a warning message 3 minutes before the log off is scheduled to occur.

Will my password expire?

  • Passwords do not automatically expire in UT Dallas Jobs. It is advisable however, to change yours periodically to avoid a security compromise.

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Can I save my Requisition to work on it at a later time?

  • Yes, you can save your requisition for later work as many times as you need. Just make sure you fill in all of the required items on the Posting Details and:
    • click on the VIEW REQUISITION SUMMARY >> button at the bottom of the screen
    • select the SAVE POSTING STATUS option on the View Requisition Summary screen, if not already selected
    • click on the CONTINUE button on the View Requisition Summary screen
    • click on the CONFIRM button on the Confirm Posting Status screen. Your requisition is now saved and available for you to work on at a later time

Can I modify Template level questions?

  • Template level questions cannot be modified. If you feel a template level question for a given job title is incorrect or should be changed, please contact us at or call HR @2221 and ask for a Employment.

I have more than one vacancy for a position, do I need a separate requisition for each?

  • No. If the requirements for the positions are identical you only need to submit one requisition and indicate within that requisition the HRS numbers, the names of the previous employees (if applicable), and the corresponding account numbers and subcodes.

Requisitions From Previous. Can I share this template with another Hiring Manager?

  • Hiring managers have a private view of their information, so the information cannot be shared with another manager.

When creating a requisition, I encountered fields titled 'Account number’ and ‘subcodes’. I have a case where the position being requested will be paid out of 5 separate accounts. How do I enter multiple account codes?

  • The 'Account' (number & title) field is over 40 characters in length. There is no standard format for entering this data. Enter whatever fits in this area and if necessary, continue with the rest of the account numbers in the ‘subcode’ section of the requisition. Here are some examples:
    • Requisition with 3 accounts can be entered like this and it will fit in the Account field – 31xxxx; 31xxxx; 31xxxx; or
    • Requisition with 3 accounts with percents can be entered like this. The first two will be entered in the Account field while the other one can be entered in the 'subcode' area if character space is limited- 31xxxx-xxxx(40%);31xxxx50%) in Subcodes, the remaining one is listed as 31xxxx(10%)

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I have Responsible Hiring Manager and Interviewing Supervisor status. Do I need two accounts?

  • No, you would establish a single user account with multiple roles.

When an existing hiring manager leaves his/her position, will their replacement have access to what is 'in work' or will everything have to be completed by the Admin Assistant?

  • The hiring department would have to either establish a hiring manager user account for the new Manager or assign another employee as hiring manager, and then inform HR of the change. HR would then change the hiring manager's name in the requisition (to the new one), inactivate the previous manager's user account and at that point the new Manager would have the required permissions.
  • Requisitions are contained under these tabs. Requisitions possess a ‘status code', which changes as the requisition goes through the various steps in the business process, e.g., from creation through filling/closing the requisition. Following is a list of the logical sequence of events and the status codes.

When I view the Hiring Manager page I see tabs titled ‘View Open, ‘View Pending' and ‘View Historical'. What is contained under these tabs and what is the difference between them?

All requisitions in the following STATUS CODES will be listed under "VIEW PENDING" on the UT Dallas Jobs for Hiring Manager page.
Requisition Created but Not Yet Forwarded Saved
Requisition Forwarded to Budget Office Pending Budget Requisition Approval
Requisition Forwarded from Budget Office to Human Resources Pending HR Requisition Approval
HR Approves the Requisition Requisition approved - If the posting date is a "Future Date". If the posting date is NOT a future date, the status will be "Posted".
Requisition is returned to Hiring Manager Requisition returned to Hiring Manager
All requisitions in the following STATUS CODES will be listed under "VIEW OPEN” on the UT Dallas Jobs for Hiring Manager page.
HR approves the requisition and Posting Date is not in the future. Open
Posting Date expires On Hold, no longer accepting applications
During this phase the management team reviews the applicant pool and selects a Finalist
Finalist identified. Hiring Manager prepares and forwards Job Offer materials On Hold pending Budget approval of Justification for Starting Compensation form and Police approval of Criminal Background Check form
Budget & Police Depts forward required forms On Hold pending HR receipt of complete Job Offer packet
HR makes job offer On Hold until all applicant statuses are changed
All requisitions in the following STATUS CODES will be listed under "VIEW HISTORICAL” on the UT Dallas Jobs for Hiring Manager page.
HR arranges for orientation and closes position Filled
If a requisition is cancelled without posting Removed requisition
If a requisition is cancelled after posting Withdrawn
Requisition is denied Withdrawn

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What is a Guest User Account, what are their limitations / rights?

  • A guest user can ONLY view applications and resumes that pertain to a specific requisition but they cannot edit or otherwise change a requisition.

Can I go back and create a Guest User account after I have created the requisition?

  • Yes, you can request that HR create a Guest User account at various points in the process. It is however, a good idea to request a Guest User account during the requisition creation process if there's a possibility that someone will be assisting the hiring manager in the selection process.

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How long will Historical data be accessible to me?

  • Historical data will be accessible for a minimum of two years to satisfy legal retention requirements.

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