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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Student Job Codes and Titles

Click on the section heading in the respective table to sort the order of the information appearing in the table.

Student Job Code Student Job Title
S00061 Teaching Assistant
S00070 Undergraduate Assistant
S00462 Student Assistant
S00485 Student Program Staff
S00486 Student Media Staff
S00487 Student Peer Advisors
S00488 Student Radio Station Mgr
S00490 Student Radio Station Asst Mgr
S00492 Student Body President
S00494 Student Body Vice President
S00496 Student Newspaper Editor b
S00498 Student Newspaper Business Mgr
S00500 Student Newspaper Layout Editr
S00625 Visiting Student Researcher
S00634 Research Assistant
S00922 Stipends/Extra Duty Pay
S09996 Student Work Study
S09997 Student Worker

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