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Sick Leave Pool

Sick Leave Pool

The Sick Leave Pool is a benefit designed by the Texas Legislature that assists eligible employees when they, or family members, suffer a catastrophic illness or injury and have exhausted their personal paid time off. The pool is sustained by employee contributions.

Eligibility for the Sick Leave Pool

You are eligible for the Sick Leave Pool when all of the following conditions are met:

1. You or an immediate family member has a catastrophic illness or injury as defined in this policy;

2. All accrued sick leave has been exhausted due to the condition;

3. All accrued paid leave, including compensatory time, has been exhausted due to the condition;

4. You have been, or will be, placed on leave without pay for at least 1 work day;

5. You have not exhausted the maximum award of Sick Leave Pool hours per catastrophic illness or injury; and

6. Your condition is not an on-the-job injury covered by Worker’s Compensation Insurance.

How to apply for Sick Leave Pool hours:

You will need to complete Part I of the Application to Withdraw Hours From the Sick Leave Pool form PDF, forward it to your department to complete Part II, and then have the department forward the completed form to Human Resources (HR), AD10 . Please have your physician complete the Licensed Practitioner’s Statement PDF. Their office can fax the completed form back to HR, 972-883-2129, attention of Kelly Anderson. HR will review your completed documentation and issue you and your department a response regarding your eligibility. 

When medical reasons require that you are out of the office for an extended period of time, you must also submit, to HR AD10, your Family Medical Leave paperwork.

Check-off List:          

How to Donate Sick Leave Pool hours:

Employees may make contributions to the pool in 8 hour increments. Retiring employees may donate any unused sick leave balance to the pool. Terminating or retiring employees who donate sick leave to the sick leave pool should understand that donated hours cannot be returned if the employee returns to State employment within twelve (12) months. Please complete the Voluntary Sick Leave Pool Contribution form to donate.

Please forward the above forms to:

Kelly Anderson
Human Resources Representative II
The University of Texas at Dallas
800 W. Campbell Rd. M/S AD10
Richardson, TX 75080
(972)883-2128 fax (972)883-2129

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