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In the case of a divorce, spousal coverage terminates at the end of the month in which the divorce is final. Coverage for stepchildren also ends at this time. Your ex-spouse may continue insurance coverage by purchasing COBRA coverage and/or converting any life insurance to an individual policy. Your ex-spouse must elect COBRA within 31 days of the divorce. The coverage may be continued for up to 36 months.

What You Need to Do

  • Provide your Benefits Rep a signed copy of the divorce decree. The decree must verify the parties involved, the date of divorce and include all signatures.
  • Notify your Benefits Rep if a Qualified Medical Child Support Order (QMCSO) is part of the divorce proceedings.
  • Review the COBRA informationPDF and enroll former dependents within the 31 day eligibility window.

Required forms and documentation

Other Factors to Consider

As a result of your divorce, you may also elect to change some of your other benefits.

Contact Us

E-mail us at or to speak with your Benefits Representative, click on the above Contact Us link.We strive to respond to calls and e-mails within one business day throughout most of the year. During our peak periods however, it may take two business days for us to respond. Peak periods include the start and end of each semester and the month of July.