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UT Dallas - Human Resources

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Leave Programs

Related Information

For questions related to any of the listed leaves on this page or the policies that govern them, please contact Human Resources at extension 2221.

Emergency Leave

Covers time away from work for a death in an employee's immediate family, attendance at a co-worker’s funeral, or an emergency University closing.

Family Medical Leave

A federal benefit providing time off for a serious medical condition to eligible employees.

Parental Leave

Employees with less than 12 months of state service or less than 1,250 hours of work in the 12 months immediately preceding the start of leave are entitled to a parental leave of absence, not to exceed 12 weeks (480 hours),  if the employee uses all available and appropriate paid vacation and sick leave while taking the parental leave. Such parental leave may only be taken for the birth of a natural child or the adoption or foster care placement with the employee of a child under three years of age. For more information, refer to the definition of Parental Leave under the “Family and Medical Leave Act” section of the Leaves of Absence policy (UTDBP3054.)

Holiday Leave PDF

Eligible employees receive paid holidays each fiscal year (September - August.)

Jury Duty Leave PDF

Covers time off from work when you serve on a jury panel or have been supoenaed as a witness.

Military Leave

Covers time away from work for service in the Reserve or the National Guard.

Sick Leave PDF

Covers time away from work due to your illness or medical condition or that of an immediate family member. Annually, up to eight (8) hours of sick leave may also be used to attend parent-teacher conferences for children pre-K through 12th grade. Leave is accrued monthly on a basis proportional to your appointment.

Sick Leave Pool

This is a leave sharing bank that allows employees to donate sick leave to a bank or pool that may be used when eligible employees exhaust their paid leave due to a catastrophic illness or injury. Upon meeting the requirements set out by the provisions of Texas Government Code 661.001 (scroll to section 661), eligible employees may apply to the sick leave pool.

Vacation/Annual Leave PDF

Covers personal time away from work. Your monthly accrual is calculated on total years of State service and your percent of appointment; accrual rates are set by the Legislature and are published in our policy PDF

Contact Us

Please contact the Employee Benefits Team ( / 972.883.2221.) We strive to respond to calls and e-mails within one business day throughout most of the year. During our peak periods however, it may take two business days for us to respond. Peak periods include the start and end of each semester and the month of July.