Hiring Foreign Nationals


HR will work with departments and assist them in the hiring process of foreign nationals. If a sponsorship is required, please allow sufficient time to complete the employment authorization process and establish a realistic hire date. Under no circumstances should a hiring department make any guarantee of employment prior to completing the entire employment authorization process.

Listed below are the nonimmigrant visa categories supported by UT Dallas.


H-1B Employer-Specific Specialty Occupations
J-1 Exchange Visitor
E-3 Australian Professional
TN NAFTA Canadian or Mexican Professional
B1/B2 Business Visitor

For information regarding each visa category and the application process, please refer to:

Immigration and Citizenship Details: Nonimmigrant Status

In addition, HR will assist in the pursuit of permanent resident status for a nonimmigrant if UT Dallas intends on retaining them beyond the duration of their temporary visit. Sponsorship for permanent residence does not guarantee lifetime employment or tenure.

For more information regarding sponsoring a permanent resident, please refer to:

Immigration and Citizenship Details: Immigrant Status