Clinical Tools

Camp CHAT 2018

Camp CHAT Sourcebook


Audio Demos

Classroom Noise ( file) (Play .wav file)

Listening with hearing aid alone ( file) (Play .wav file)

Listening with remote microphone ( file) (Play .wav file)


Resources for educational audiologists.

EARRING — Start Here (PowerPoint)

EARRING – Understanding the Educational Needs of Students With Hearing Loss (PowerPoint)

Sprint Charts

Tool for comparing speech recognition scores.

Sprint Chart 25 (PDF)

Sprint Chart 50 (PDF)

Telegram Files

Tool for comprehensive auditory rehabilitation assessment. 

Telegram (PPTX)

Telegram Adult (PDF)

Telegram Teen (PDF)


Supporting Success for Children with Hearing Loss website. Listening Inventory For Education — Revised (LIFE-R)

Functional Auditory Performance Indicators (PDF)

FM Listening Evaluation (PDF)

PS-K Parent Placement Checklist (PDF)