Overview – (Re)habilitation Programs

Dr. Thibodeau has developed a training specialization program in auditory rehabilitation that involves two unique formats. Graduate students in speech pathology and audiology are recruited to learn auditory rehabilitation techniques through a week-long seminar with couples and/or through a weekend retreat with teens and families facing the complex challenges of hearing loss.

The week-long program is called SIARC (Summer Intensive Auditory Revitalization Conference) and the weekend retreat is called Camp CHAT (Communication Habilitation via Audition for Teens).

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Students learn not only rehabilitation strategies but also use of wireless technology in real-world, noisy environments outside the typical clinical setting. This program is designed for graduate students to translate the outcomes of Dr. Thibodeau’s research with wireless technology to couples and teens so they can experience life-changing communication benefits. These experiences are conducted with a shared set of $50,000 of wireless technology which rotates through AuD programs at four major universities.