Student Health Center
Student Services Building 4.700
Phone: 972-883-2747
Fax: 972-883-2069

Clinic Hours
Monday-Thursday 9 am - 6 pm
Friday 8:30 am - 5 pm
Closed Saturday, Sunday, and all University Holidays

- Last regular appointment time 5:20 pm
- Last urgent appointment time 5:40 pm

- Last regular appointment time 4:20 pm
- Last urgent appointment time 4:40 pm

Mailing Address
Student Health Center
800 W. Campbell Rd., SSB 43
Richardson, TX 75080

Insurance for Domestic Students

Insurance Policy Details

The information below is a synopsis of the Blue Cross Blue Shield policy information, and is subject to change. For the most up-to-date information, view the online brochure at Blue Cross Blue Shield.

  • $500,000 lifetime maximum per insured person, per policy year
  • $300 deductible per insured person per policy year
  • 80/20 payment for PPO Network services (excluding prescriptions)*
  • 60/40 payment for Non-network services (excluding prescriptions)*
  • 100% for preventive services
  • 100% medical evacuation and repatriation costs
  • Dental insurance is optional please visit the Blue Cross Blue Shield website for more information
  • There is no maximum on the prescription benefit
  • * After deductible is met, Blue Cross Blue Shield pays 80% of remaining eligible costs that were accrued using medical staff and/or services listed with the Blue Cross Blue Shield Choice PPO network. The student pays 20%. If the student uses staff and/or services not listed on the Blue Cross Blue Shield network, the student pays a higher percentage of the bill, 40% of Usual and Customary charges plus 100% or any charges above Usual and Customary prices. It benefits you financially to stay within the assigned network.

Prescription Benefits

There is not a maximum on the prescription benefit. You must purchase the prescription in full from a pharmacy of your choice. You may then file a claim for reimbursement through Prime Therapeutics. To get the most of out of your prescription benefit, ask your doctor if generic drugs are available. For more information about filing a claim, see claims page.

Proof of Insurance Card

Blue Cross Blue Shield sends one card per school year to policyholders. In your first semester of coverage you should receive an insurance card 2-4 weeks after Census Day. (Because eligibility for the UT Dallas Student Health Insurance Plan is contingent upon enrollment at UT Dallas, insurance cards cannot be sent until all students are officially registered, which is Census Day.) You may also print a card from the Blue Cross Blues Shield website at that time. If you need to see a doctor between the start of the semester and Census Day, you may obtain an Interim Coverage letter from the insurance office.

Policy Cost and Coverage Dates

2013-2014 Academic Year

Student Health Insurance Coverage
Period name Coverage dates Student Spouse All children Student, Spouse & All Children
Fall 2013 8/15/13-12/31/13 $542 $1,537 $845 $2,924
Spring 2014 1/1/14-5/14/14 $526 $1,493 $820 $2,839
Summer 2014 5/15/14-8/14/14 $364 $1,037 $570 $1,971

Exclusions and Limitations

Inform yourself about the Exclusions and Limitations of this policy at Blue Cross Blue Shield

Examples of Exclusions:

  • Assistant surgeon fees
  • Acne
  • Dental
  • Vision
  • Hearing

Examples of Limitations:

  • No more than one surgical procedure will be covered when multiple procedures are performed through the same incision or in immediate succession
  • Outpatient physical therapy except for a condition that required surgery or a hospital confinement
  • Also, allergy medicines are covered and included in the $1,000 maximum under prescription drugs. Benefits for treatment of sexually transmitted diseases are covered up to $500 maximum per policy year, etc.