Historical Perspective

1982 University Fraternal Organization (1982-1984)
1990 Four students approached student life to bring national Greek organizations to campus
1992 Kappa Sigma Fraternity chartered
Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity chartered
1995 Chi Phi Fraternity established a colony
1996 Beta Chi, local interest group
Kappa Alpha Theta installed local group (Beta Chi) as a colony
Delta Sigma Theta chartered
1998 Chi Phi chartered
2000 Delta Epsilon Psi chartered
2001 Alpha Kappa Alpha chartered
Kappa Phi Gamma chartered
Sigma Alpha Epsilon chartered
2003 Alpha Phi Alpha chartered
2004 Men of Vision, interest group established
Alpha Lambda Chi local sorority formed
2005 Omega Delta Phi colony formed
Sigma Lambda Alpha colony formed
Lambda Phi Epsilon chartered
2006 Sigma Lambda Alpha chartered
2007 Omega Delta Phi chartered
Delta Delta Delta colony formed with Alpha Lambda Chi (local sorority) and chartered
2010 FIJI colony formed
2011 Pi Kappa Phi colony formed
2011 Beta Chi Theta colony formed
2012 Sigma Lambda Gamma colony formed; FIJI chartered
2012 Delta Sigma Theta reactivated their chapter

The first attempt to form social fraternities at UT Dallas is documented in organization registration forms and minutes of the University Fraternal Organization in 1982. The UFO was active from spring 1982 to spring 1984. In the fall of 1990, several national organizations received Greek Council packets and were asked if they would consider starting a colony at UTD.

By the spring of 1992, Alpha Gamma Delta sorority and Kappa Sigma fraternity were installed as fully recognized national groups. In 1995, Chi Phi fraternity became a colony and joined the Greek Council.  Later that year, Beta Chi was formed and began attending Greek Council meetings. Two interest groups of National Pan-Hellenic groups were formed shortly thereafter, these groups were to become Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity and Delta Sigma Theta sorority.

Beta Chi was colonized by Kappa Alpha Theta sorority and installed in the spring of 1996. Delta Sigma Theta was installed in the spring of 1996 as well.  The College Panhellenic Council was formed in the summer of 1996 and the first formal women’s formal recruitment was planned for the fall of 1996.

Since that time, growth had slowed down and a period of organization had begun. College Panhellenic has been functioning successfully for two years and the Interfraternity Council has been functioning for one year.  Members of Delta Sigma Theta and Alpha Phi Alpha have expressed an interest in forming an NPHC.  Greek Council was no longer an organization and the IFC, Panhellenic and NPHC began to work together to plan All-Greek events and other strategies to build the Greek community at UT Dallas.

In December 1998, Chi Phi Fraternity received their charter. The men of Delta Epsilon Psi, a south Asian fraternity, were latered chartered in 2000.  A year later, the women of Kappa Phi Gamma, a south Asian sorority, were chartered.  They formed the Multicultural Greek Council. The women of Pearls and Ivy, an interest group, were accepted by Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. and received their charter on December 8, 2001.  During the spring of 2001 an interest group for Sigma Alpha Epsilon was formed.  The colony was officially recognized later that year.  Alpha Phi Alpha received its charter on March 3, 2003.

Also in 2003 Alpha Lambda Chi, a local sorority was formed. This organization would not actively participate with Fraternity and Sorority Life until the fall of 2005.

During 2004 the Men of Vision, organized with the purpose of becoming a colony of Omega Delta Phi, a Latino fraternity.  During the spring of 2005 the men became a recognized colony.  Also during the 2004-2005 year Sigma Lambda Alpha contacted the University and a colony was recognized later that spring.

A student organization known as the Asian Brotherhood for the Community (ABC) was working diligently to become a colony of Lambda Phi Epsilon. In the fall of 2005 the men received their chartered. In the spring of 2006, Sigma Lambda Alpha received their charter. 

During the fall of 2006 the College Panhellenic Council and the women of Alpha Lambda Chi began the process of extension. In May of 2007 The University of Texas at Dallas invited Delta Delta Delta to colonize in the fall of 2007. The women of Alpha Lambda Chi would take on membership within Tri Delta. On Novermber 10, 2007 the Theta Epsilon Chapter of Delta Delta Delta was officially chartered.

The last two years (2010-2012) have showed great interest and growth in the FSL community. Four colonies (FIJI, Pi Kappa Phi, Beta Chi Theta, and Sigma Lambda Gamma) and one reactivation (Delta Sigma Theta) have pushed FSL membership to over 500 students. We have experienced over a 21% growth and more opportunities for expansion are on the horizon.