Following recommendations of public health officials and directives from UT System Chancellor and UTD leadership, the Office of Budget and Finance team has been working remotely from home. Similar to other services offered by the division, purchasing services and eProcurement (Jaggaer) continue to be running. 

Please submit all purchases via eProcurement where possible and send any purchasing questions to [email protected] where the team continues to be available to assist.

If you have a COVID-19 related purchase, please note COVID-19 in the Business Justification/Internal Notes on requisition and check the new COVID-19 box on the requisition.

Screen shot showing location of the COVID-19 field

Please contact [email protected] for assistance.

Equipment purchases should be routed through normal channels if at all possible. Staff or faculty members can pick up the equipment from receiving when it is delivered to UTD. Please check for additional information about receiving procedures described below.

During this State of Emergency, some equipment is necessary to carry out faculty and staff required duties in a remote working environment. To enable remote work as quickly as possible for as many employees as possible, the University’s equipment can be taken offsite to the home of an employee in support of remote work. This should remove the need, in most cases, to purchase more equipment.

Please note, however, that each school or department is responsible for tracking IT assets. The assets remain the legal property of UT Dallas and must be returned at any time requested.

If staff or faculty are unable to use existing UTD equipment to work remotely, they can purchase the equipment preferably using the normal channels.  To enable remote work as quickly as possible, faculty and staff are allowed to use their One Card or Amazon to purchase remote work equipment and get it shipped to their home address (if necessary) but only if the following criteria are met.

  1. Documentation is provided explaining the business requirement for the purchase – denoting that this request is made due to State of Emergency COVID pandemic – remote work requirement.
  2. Every attempt is made to use existing UTD equipment.
  3. Any required asset information is provided to the UTD fixed asset management office.
  4. Purchases are approved by a senior member of the organization (e.g. department head for faculty, dean for department head, etc.)

If these four criteria are not met, the employee will be responsible for reimbursing the University for the cost of the equipment.

Below is a list of equipment commonly used for remote work and remote teaching:

  • Headsets
  • Burner phones – for faculty and advisors
  • I-pads
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Webcams
  • Microphone
  • Speakers

Small COVID-19 related purchases (less than $5,000) should continue to be submitted via eProcurement where possible. However, faculty and staff are allowed to use One Card for these small purchases in order to expedite the delivery to their home address, if necessary.

COVID-19 Emergency Purchase Standard Procedure

1Campus Department1Request quotes from vendors
2Obtain approval from Department Head or designee
3Email [email protected] with “Emergency COVID-19 Purchase” in Subject line, and include:
  • Quotes from vendors or estimated cost
  • Department Head or designee’s approval
4Create a non-catalog requisition in eProcurement and state “Emergency COVID-19 Purchase” in the Internal Notes’ business justification and check the COVID-19 checkbox
2Purchasing1Verify emergency business justification and approvals
2Approve and process the requisition
3Issue a Purchase Order
4Update the Emergency Purchase File


COVID-19 Emergency Purchase Expedited Process

In some extreme emergency situations, Purchasing may assist a campus department in procuring products or services by contacting a vendor directly. In these situations, an after-the-fact invoice may be received and paid. The campus department is responsible for providing documentation to justify this expedited COVID-19 related emergency processing.

Some emergency purchases may also be allowed using other methods like a personal Amazon account and/or a One Card as long as the COVID-19 emergency purchase is justified, approved by a Department Head or designee, approved by Purchasing, and the purchase cannot be processed using standard procurement methods.

Until further notice, please observe the following for continuity of mail services and central receiving:

  • Minimum staff are available in the warehouse to accept packages and mail deliveries
  • All incoming mail is sorted by department and stacked inside the warehouse
  • All mail and parcels are in a 24 hour quarantine holding area before processing
  • Key department staff can come to the warehouse to pick up their mail (must show ID)
  • All mail can be dropped off at the warehouse for processing

The Mail Services and Central Receiving department is located in the Service Building (SB 1.2) between the Police Department and Safety Grounds on the Northeast side of campus. Please bring your Comet Card for verification when retrieving your items. For all other mail and receiving concerns, please contact Central Receiving directly at: [email protected] or 972-883-2779.

To support continuity of operations in the academic and research labs/facilities, the UTD Safety Team is assisting Central Receiving in the distribution/delivery of chemical, biological, and radiological materials to buildings across campus. The following plan is in place for Hazardous/Biological Material

  1. Research/Teaching Lab packages/materials (chemical, biological, radiological) arrive at Central Receiving daily
  2. Central Receiving/Warehouse staff accept packages, following normal chain of custody procedures
  3. Once per day (afternoon) – Newly received chemicals are inventoried by the Safety Team and entered into BioRAFT at Receiving dock
  4. Once per day – Following completion of chemical inventory by the Safety Team – Central Receiving team delivers Research/Teaching Lab materials to building dock areas via truck

NOTE:  Layne Warren of the Safety team will accompany the driver when delivering packages to the dock areas.  Layne is also certified to drive the delivery truck, if needed.

  1. Boxes/containers will be placed on the dock area of each building by Central Receiving staff
    1. NSERL/BSB – Central Receiving will notify Dave Schackmann that a delivery is being made.  Materials are received at the dock by Mark Douthey (or other Research Facilities Op’s staff) & delivered to labs following normal/established chain-of-custody process for the research buildings
    2. Other buildings – Packages are delivered to labs by a member of the Safety Team.  The Safety Team member will contact lab owners/PI’s/Responsible Parties to ensure that lab personnel are available to receive the packages and appropriately segregate/store received materials
    3. If a lab member is not available, the Safety Team will appropriately segregate and store chemicals in the lab area

If you have any questions about these purchasing guidelines, Please contact [email protected]  for assistance.