Standard contract templates
Independent Contractor AttestationUsed for guest lecturers who are employees of other Texas state public institutions of higher education
Affiliation AgreementUsed to define affiliations with outside facilities or entities
UT System Non-Disclosure templatesUsed to establish confidentiality regarding communications or Intellectual Property
Interlocal Cooperation ContractUsed to define affiliations with other Texas state agencies
Business Associate AgreementUsed to define an affiliation that includes HIPAA
Interagency Cooperation ContractUsed to define an affiliation with another UT System institution
Addendum to Agreement Between University and ContractorStandard terms and conditions generally required to do business with UT Dallas.
FERPA AddendumUsed to ensure protection of FERPA-protected student information
JSOM Executive Education TemplateUsed when JSOM provides Executive Education programs to outside customers
Standard clause for dispute resolution (short form)
Dispute Resolution Notice: Long FormStandard clause for dispute resolution (long form)

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