Relevant policies and descriptions

UTDBP3040: Cash Handling Policy

This Policy addresses various areas of cash handling applicable to all departments including cash handling and transport, petty cash, and change funds in accordance with UT System’s UTS166 Cash Management and Cash Handling Policy.

UTDBP3035: Credit Card Acceptance Policy

This policy provides guidance so that the processes of accepting electronic payments comply with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS) and are appropriately integrated with the University’s financial and other systems. In addition, adherence to this policy will ensure compliance with Sections 35.61, 72.004 and 502.002 of the Texas Business & Commercial Code, related to the protection of credit/debit card information and other personal identifying information.

The following steps outline the process for a department to accept credit cards: 

  1. Notify [email protected]of the need to accept credit card and/or electronic payments.
  2. If point-of-sale terminals are required and the request is approved, the Treasury Manager will coordinate with the department and the Information Security Office to ensure website security and PCI compliance.
  3. The department will be responsible for lease or purchase of devices. The Information Security Office will schedule installation of appropriate software (antivirus, full-disk encryption, etc.) on the computers that will access the website or point-of-sale terminals. 
  4. The Treasury Manager will arrange the necessary training for the Merchant Department, as well as any additional information pertinent to the approved payment method.
  5. The Merchant Department should allow sufficient time for this process to be completed. Requests for merchant ID’s and equipment shipment can take several weeks after approval.  It is best to contact Treasury at the beginning of the process to ensure that project deadlines can be met successfully. 

Marketplace is a shopping cart application that allows users to make payments online via a shopping cart.  It is a delivered application in TouchNet uCommerce and has specific configuration options.  There are limited customization options, therefore, we advise merchants to consider including detailed information and instructions on their departmental websites, and use Marketplace to process the payments.

The following steps outline the process for a department to accept credit cards online via Marketplace: 

  • Submit the Marketplace Application Form. This form is available through the Galaxy portal, under Gemini Financials > Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Forms > Marketplace Application. As with most PeopleSoft forms, you will need to select “Add new value.”
  • Obtain approval from the school/division Department Head. It is the responsibility of the Department Head to approve the business case and all other information provided in the application.
  • Please include or attach detailed information regarding the options needed in order to process the payments. This information is required in order to configure the online shopping cart.  The absence of these details will slow down the approval process.
  • Once submitted, the application form must be approved by the school/division fiscal officer and the cost center manager.  The fiscal officer is automatically designated as the Merchant Department Representative and monitors all requests for new store requests. 
  • All application forms will be reviewed by the Accounts Receivable and Tax offices before being approved by Treasury and the Assistant VP of Budget and Finance.
  • The business analyst will allow the department to review the site before go-live. Once the store is enabled, all changes should be requested on the Marketplace Change Request form.
  • The Merchant Department should allow at least 2-4 weeks to have sufficient time for this process to be completed. Additional time must be allotted for those requests that include complicated configuration options or links to departmental websites.  Examples include conferences and events that require registration options.

Please use the Marketplace Change Request form to request changes or updates to existing Marketplace stores or sites. This form is available through the Galaxy portal, under Gemini Financials > Main Menu > Employee Self Service > Forms > Marketplace Change Request. As with most PeopleSoft forms, you will need to select “Add new value.” Use this form to add/remove users, change user role, update cost center and account, update products and pricing.

Additional materials about Marketplace can be found on our Training Materials page. 

The University accepts electronic payments via ACH or wire transfer for all products and services.  Accepting these payment methods usually requires providing bank account information so that the customer can initiate the transfer.  Please contact [email protected] for assistance in providing banking information or submitting the authorization agreement form for direct deposit (ACH).  In order to protect our account information and reduce the risk of fraud, Treasury will submit the banking instructions via encrypted email.

To expedite this process, please provide the following information:

  • Contact Info:  The customer’s Finance or Accounts Payable contact information, including email address. The customer will receive a secure encrypted email. For more information about email encryption, please see
  • Documents:  Please forward any vendor forms or document requirements that must be returned to the customer. Many companies require a signed ACH banking form. 
  • Payment method:  Please confirm the payment method, ACH or Wire transfer. Foreign customers may prefer to pay by wire transfer.

During the normal course of business, a department may receive payment for products or services via cash or check.  Any department receiving cash or check payments is considered a cash handling department and must follow the University’s Cash Handling Policy.

All cash and checks received should be secured in a safe location and submitted to the Bursar’s Office for deposit as quickly as possible.  Please use the Departmental Deposit Form to record all deposits.

Following are some important notes regarding cash/check deposits.  Please refer to the Cash Handling Policy for more detailed information. 

  • All deposits totaling more than $200 must be deposited daily. Those departments or locations that do not collect revenue each day or whose deposit is not cost efficient for daily deposits must make deposits at least twice weekly. Checks requiring additional research or internal handling shall be photocopied by the department without delay of the deposit. A practical timetable of deposit dates that coordinates with armored car schedules must be established.
  • A departmental check log should be used for the purpose of maintaining a permanent record of incoming checks. Departments that record sales in a cash register do not need to maintain a check log. To maintain proper segregation of duties, the functions of receiving and recording funds should be performed by different people.
  • All checks must be payable to “The University of Texas at Dallas”. A restrictive endorsement, such as a “for deposit only” stamp must be placed on the reverse side of each check at the time of receipt.
  • To the extent allowed by law, a return fee of at least $25 shall be applied to any check returned for NSF (physical or electronic checks and transactions). For any returned transactions, the NSF fee will be charged to the department’s cost center.  The department will collect the NSF fee along with the amount of the NSF check.

Please contact [email protected] for any questions regarding deposits and cash handling.

Petty cash/change funds:

Prior to the end of each fiscal year, all petty cash and change funds must be verified using the Year-end Cash Fund Verification Form. The verification form confirms that the fund is reconciled to the approved fund amount. All petty cash reimbursements must be completed prior to year-end close.  This form is available through the Galaxy portal, under Gemini Financials > Employee Self-Service > Forms > Cash Fund Verification Form. As with most PeopleSoft forms, you will need to select “Add a New Value.” Additional guidance can be found in our Petty Cash/Change Fund Year-end reconciliation presentation.

In addition, the Petty Cash/Change Fund Authorization Form must be submitted each year-end in order to retain the funds for the following fiscal year. This form also designates the custodians who will be responsible for the funds.  Any funds not requested for the new year will be closed at the end of the current fiscal year. This form is available through the Galaxy portal, under Gemini Financials > Employee Self-Service > Forms > Petty Cash/Change Fund Authorization Form. As with most PeopleSoft forms, you will need to select “Add a New Value.” Additional guidance can be found in our Petty Cash / Change Fund Authorization presentation.

Prior to year-end close, Treasury will distribute an email notification with the due dates for both forms to all fund custodians. 

Marketplace merchants:

UTD credit card merchants will also be required to confirm the use of all online Marketplace storefronts prior to year-end.  All stores that are not currently in use will be disabled until such time as they are needed.  Users who no longer have a need for access to the online stores will be removed.

Any department accepting credit cards from patrons in person or online must use one of OBF’s designated vendors, unless an exception is granted. 

The designated vendors include:

  • Global Payments (POS processing cards in person)
  • TouchNet Cashiering
  • TouchNet Marketplace
  • TouchNet Ready Partners (Marketplace uPay)
    1. StarRez
    2. Handshake
    3. Target-X
  • University Tickets

If a department believes that it has a significant business case or processing requirement that cannot be achieved using the designated vendor it may be granted an exception to use other credit card processing systems.  Please contact [email protected] for additional information.