The Faculty STARs program funded by PUF bond proceeds supports the recruitment and retention of the best‐qualified faculty at both academic and health institutions by providing additional resources to build and enhance research infrastructure. Because the STARs program is funded in the same manner as LERR, the same guidelines apply and each item must have a useful life of more than one year. STARs funds are available for laboratory renovation and equipment purchases; however, faculty and other staff salaries cannot be paid from STARs funds.

There are three related program goals that form the basis of the STARs program:

  • Recruit senior faculty with national prominence
  • Improve the quality of new faculty and research capacity of the institutions by augmenting the start‐up packages for tenure and tenure‐track faculty
  • Retain high quality faculty who have had offers from another research institution or have the potential to leave because of limited access to quality equipment or laboratories

STARs funds are generally intended for use with:

  • Major repair and rehabilitation of buildings and other permanent improvements
  • Acquiring capital equipment

STARs funds may NOT be spent on the following:

  • Consumables – Items that have an expected useful life of less than one year, such as chemicals, gases, paper, staplers and other office supplies, toner cartridges, medical supplies, disposal services, or laboratory supplies
  • Employee Salaries, Training, or Travel 
  • Software Maintenance (Initial development expenses are permitted; ongoing licensing and maintenance are not)

The flowchart below can help you determine if STARs funds can be used for your purchase: 

STARs eligibility chart