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The staff is available to answer questions regarding your financial aid application and awards. Your financial aid application is assigned to a specific counselor, who reviews it and prepares it for awarding.

Write to us at [email protected] for general information on grants, scholarships, long-term education loans and work-study. The University of Texas at Dallas encourages employees to send all email correspondence to your UT Dallas email address to protect your privacy.


Financial Aid Advisor Listing

First Letter of Your Last Name


Financial Aid Counselor A-E

Crystal Matthews-Johnson

Financial Aid Counselor F-L

Mary Roffino

Financial Aid Counselor M-R

Julie Jenson

Financial Aid Counselor S-Z

Sara Metz

Third-Party Scholarships

Scholarship Processing Team

Federal Veterans Benefits

Kimberly Bomnskie

Hazlewood Exemptions

Kimberly Bomnskie


Student Account Information

Payment Options

Bursar’s Office


Bursar’s Office


Administrative Team

Associate Director

Bill Mack


Sarah Dorsey

Senior Director

M. Beth Tolan