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Scholarship News

The Ivan Sotelo Fellowship is now open to graduate students. Among equally qualified applicants, a preference may be given to applicants who (a) have completed all or part of their preparatory education in Mexico, (b) are children or grandchildren of individuals who lived ten years or more in Mexico, or (c) are active in the Mexican community. Visit the Scholarship Listing page for details on this and other scholarships.

The Alan G. MacDiarmid Removing Educational Barriers Scholarship deadline has been extended to May 31. To apply, you must be an undergraduate student majoring in science, math or engineering and be either a graduate of the Nano Explorers Program or actively involved in research or programming with the MacDiarmid Nano Technical Institute. Visit our Scholarship Listing page for more information.

Summer Financial Aid

If you plan to attend UT Dallas classes in the summer of 2019 and you want us to offer you financial aid you should submit the online summer financial aid application found on our forms page.  We use the results of the 2018-2019 FAFSA or TASFA to determine eligibility for summer financial aid.   While the priority date to apply for summer financial aid aid was March 31 we are still accepting and processing requests.

2019-2020 Financial Aid

We will being notifying continuing UT Dallas students of their eligibility for 2019-2020 financial aid beginning at the end of June.  The 2019-2020 FAFSA (used for Fall 2019, Spring 2020, and Summer 2020) is available online at   The priority dates for applying for UT Dallas financial aid programs are found on our deadlines page.

2018-2019 Financial Aid

The 2018-2019 FAFSA (used for Fall 2018, Spring 2019, and Summer 2019) is available online at When UT Dallas receives the results of the FAFSA, we will send you an email letting you know we have it.  At that point you should check your To Do list in Orion to determine if we need additional documentation. 

Enrollment Status

For financial aid purposes, your enrollment status (e.g. half-time, three quarters-time, full-time, etc.) is determined based upon the number of financial aid-eligible semester credit hours in which you enroll, as well as your academic level.

Read more about enrollment status.

How to Submit Documents

If you decide to send us a document as an email attachment, the preferable format is PDF. You should send the document to [email protected]. If you decide to deliver the document to our office, you should bring it to the first floor of the Student Services Building during business hours.

Orientation Presentations

Please see the following Orientation slides from the Office of the Registrar, Bursar’s Office, and the Office of Financial Aid.

General Information

Office of Financial Aid

Bursar Office

Office of the Registrar

Census Date

The financial aid census date for the summer term is June 10.  This is the census date for the entire semester, including second session classes. The Office of the Registrar has different census dates than does the Office of Financial Aid. To be considered for financial aid eligibility you must be registered for classes on our census date. To view other important academic dates, see the academic calendar.

Manage Your Money

Financial aid funds are disbursed in lump sums. This makes budgeting a critical part of most students’ lives. The federal government provides a great tool for creating a budget. Also, check out the Student Success Center’s Comet Cents program.

Interested in Work Study?

Have you been offered work-study but don’t know where to begin? Check out the Career Center for more information.


If you register for classes at another school at the same time you are attending UT Dallas:

  • If you are eligible for the Federal Pell Grant program, you can receive this grant at only one school at a time.
  • You must notify us if you are receiving federal or state grants or loans from another school while attending UT Dallas.
  • UT Dallas will process financial aid for your registered UT Dallas classes. We do not process financial aid for classes taken at other schools.
  • For academic requirements regarding the transferability of off-campus coursework, see your academic advisor.