Service Excellence

Our Guiding Principles


We will honor the highest level of business ethics. We will go the extra mile. We are professional in our actions. We have pride in our accomplishments, and at the end of the day, we know we have done our best.


We are creative problem-solvers. We share ideas. As a community, we are united in meeting the needs of our customers so the end result is a lasting positive impression.


We are using our skills and resources wisely. Together we are building a “Customer First” culture with a clear understanding that our customers are the future of the University.


Customer service at UT Dallas is a continual process of improving our services. It is team work and utilizing technology and resources as it evolves. It is asking ourselves, “At the end of the day, did we create a lasting impression with our customers?”


We Can Do It! We are positive, confident, friendly and caring. We have ownership in the success of UT Dallas.

Creating a Culture of Caring

As is fitting of the University’s Tier One status, UT Dallas must recruit and retain the best and brightest students, faculty and staff, and it must demonstrate the University’s partnership role in the community.

The customer’s experience can provide the determining factor in someone’s decision to work or study at UT Dallas, or can create a visitor’s lasting impression of the University.

Each member of the University community is a stakeholder in the future of UT Dallas.

Customer Service Model

Customer Service Model

Incorporate the Customer Service Principles into how you welcome people, deliver service, transition people to other departments, provide adequate resources and complete your service.

The best way to measure our customer’s experience is by answering the question, “Have we provided reliable, assuring, tangible, empathic, responsive, and timely service?”

Lean and Special Projects

The Lean and Special Projects desk drives the University’s effort to improve operating efficiency by reducing time, motion, and money. Lean is achieved by continuous evaluation, fine-tuning, and feedback; and often works in tandem with the University’s service excellence culture. This desk also supports the Office of Facilities & Economic Development by working behind the scenes to help bring a number of special projects to fruition.

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