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Art & Performance

Arts administration, art history, cinema, classics, creative writing, dance, Impressionism, literature, literary translation, modern art, museums, music, painting, playwriting, poetry, theatre, sound design, voice.

Art & Technology

Animation, computer games, digital art, emerging media, girls and computer games,social media, sound design, teens and technology, twittering, Wikipedia, virtual reality.

Brain Science

Aging, ADHD, autism, brain changes, brain health, brain scans, cognition, head injury, memory, neurological disorders, neuroscience, speech and language, social skills, strokes.

Business & Economics

Antitrust, behavioral economics, corporate finance, corporate governance, corporate giving, copyright, e-commerce, economics, file sharing, futures markets, game theory, human resource management, information management, information technology, intellectual property rights, investments, management, mortgages, monopolies, options, securities litigation, stock market


Broadband communications, cochlear implant, deafness, hearing, hearing aids, hearing impaired, human-computer interaction, infant speech, language development, linguistics, signal processing, speech, speech and language, speech disorders, speech forensics, stroke-related speech disorders, stuttering, voice recognition, wireless communications.


Child abuse, corrections, death penalty, domestic violence, drugs, gangs, homicide, mental health and violent crime, matricide, Mexican drug trade, parricide, patricide, prisons, prison reform, violence, young offenders.


Boys’ social groups, bullying, early childhood education, engineering education, girls and computer games, girls and math, girls’ social groups, internships, math education, peer relations, science education, special education, technology in the classroom, online learning.

Engineering & Computer Science

Chip design, control systems, electrical engineering, flexible electronics, data security, data privacy, digital technology, integrated circuits, materials science, microelectronics, plasma science, optical networks, robotics, semiconductors, software development, telecommunications, thin film characterization, wireless communications.

Environment & Earth

Climate change, dinosaurs, ecology, GIS, geology, geosciences, geophysics, hydrology, water, reefs, seismology, sinkholes, tectonics.

Family & Children

ADHD, autism, boys’ social groups, bullying, child development, child abuse and neglect, child language development, computer games, delinquency, domestic violence, Harry Potter, hearing impaired children, girls and computer games, homeless children, infant speech, language disorders in children, matricide, patricide, parricide, peer relations, social skills, teens and technology, girls social groups, speech disorders in children.

Government & Political Science

American conservatism, conservative politics, corrections, demographic trends, discrimination, economic development, leadership, local government, immigrants, prisons, public administration, public housing, public management, Republican women, women’s history.


American literature, American Western history, African-American literature, British history, Chinese culture, Chinese history, classics, European intellectual history, German literature, Greek tragedy, history of science, Holocaust studies, Jewish history, literary translation, Medieval literature, Mexican history, Native American history, non-western literature, science and religion, Shakespeare, Texas history, Western European history.

International Affairs

Argentina, counter-terrorism, Chinese culture, Chinese society, immigrants, international conflict, global business, Mexico, Latin America, literary translation, terrorism, treaties.


Artificial muscles, atomic layering, atomic manufacturing, bio sensors, bionanotechnology, carbon nanotubes, energy harvesting, electrochemical devices, fuel cells, hydrogen storage, material science, nanomedicine, nanoparticles.

Natural Sciences

Bacteriology, biology, chemistry, ecology, magnetism, molecular and cell biology, organic polymers, oxygen, physics.

Space Sciences

Astronomy, ionosphere, lunar surface, Mars, NASA, planetary atmospheres, space, magnetic fields, space weather, solar terrestrial environments, satellites.

Updated: November 20, 2008