UT Dallas Chess Program Director James

James "Jim" Stallings


  • Collegiate chess
  • Chess scholarships
  • Chess team recruiting
  • Scholastic affiliates program


Expert at a Glance

James "Jim" Stallings
Office of the Executive Vice President and Provost

Director, Chess Program

James "Jim" Stallings helps shape talented collegiate chess players into successful strategists with portable critical thinking skills.

Before becoming Program Director in 2006, Stallings served as the Associate Director for Chess and Education, where his primary focus was one of outreach to Texas school districts, assisting them with chess instruction to improve the academic performance of their students.

Being on the chess team at UT Dallas is very demanding since students are consistently the leading contenders for intercollegiate championships in the U.S. This requires many hours of preparation and study for the matches. Stallings has taken the team to national prominence; under his guidance, the UT Dallas chess team has won the Transatlantic Cup twice, the Final Four of Chess twice and the Pan American Intercollegiate Championship three times.

The five-hour chess games played by UT Dallas chess team members are known for being very demanding mentally; players must have great mental endurance and swiftness of calculation when needed. These are beneficial skills no matter what degree program or avenue of work they pursue in life.

A Dallas native, Stallings played successfully in Texas and at collegiate chess events. He received his MBA in marketing from DePaul University.


Updated: July 19, 2011