Mario A. Rotea


  • mechanical systems
  • aeospace systems
  • controlling, optimizing and monitoring systems
  • mechanical noise analysis
  • mechanical noise reduction
  • vibration analysis
  • vibration reduction
  • modeling and visualization
  • science policy
  • science education


Lakisha Ladson

Expert at a Glance

Mario A. Rotea, Ph.D.
Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science

Dr. Rotea’s research concerns the optimization and control of dynamical systems. His work over the course of more than 25 years has had broad applicability to electrical, mechanical and aerospace systems and has included:

  • Methods for the analysis and design of advanced multivariable control systems.
  • Control systems for the reduction of noise and vibrations in civil engineering structures, advanced helicopter rotors, compressors in gas turbine engines and machine tools.

  • Methods for calibrating mathematical models of parachute systems and color printers.

  • Control systems to optimize the performance of thermoacoustic cooling processes.

  • Algorithms for the accurate prediction of aircraft trajectories.

  • A virtual sensor to monitor temperatures in electric machines.

He was elected an IEEE Fellow in 2007 for his pioneering contributions to robust and optimal control of multivariable systems.

Dr. Rotea also managed the Control Systems Program at the National Science Foundation from 2005 to 2007, where he co-authored large program solicitations for research at the interface of engineering, computer science and mathematics. He holds a Ph.D. in control science and dynamical systems from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.





Updated: November 29, 2011