Suresh Radhakrishnan


  • corporate giving
  • corporate governance
  • IPOs
  • mergers & acquisitions
  • financial benchmarks
  • disclosure regulations
  • intangible assets
  • auditor independence


Jill Glass

Expert at a Glance

Suresh Radhakrishnan, Ph.D.
Naveen Jindal School of Management

Professor of Accounting and Information Management

Dr. Radhakrishnan is interested in researching the benefits of corporate giving as part of corporate social responsibility. In one of his more famous studies, conducted jointly with researchers at New York University, Radhakrishnan discovered a significant link between corporate charitable giving and improved sales. The 2005 study examined $14 billion donated in cash and products by corporations and found that for every one dollar a company allocated to charity, future sales grew on average by six dollars.

As director of research for the UT Dallas Institute for Excellence in Corporate Governance (IECG), Radhakrishnan identifies significant issues and corresponding solutions relating to corporate governance. He heads the effort to organize the Spring Research Colloquium where academics and practitioners exchange information on corporate governance issues. Recent topics include the role and value of corporate governance, globalization and the effects of the Sarbanes-Oxley Act.  See a list of Radhakrishnan’s published works.


Updated: November 13, 2012