Shayla Holub

Shayla Holub


  • children's social development
  • attitudes of young children
  • self-perceptions of young children
  • childhood obesity
  • developmental psychology
  • parent-child feeding relationship
  • young children's eating-related knowledge


Emily Martinez

Expert at a Glance

Shayla Holub, Ph.D. School of Behavioral and Brain Sciences

Assistant Professor of Psychology

Dr. Holub ’s research focuses on the attitudes and self-perceptions of young children, particularly pertaining to childhood obesity.

She explores the development of attitudes, cognitions and behaviors related to food and weight in young children, and the negative attitudes preschool-age children hold toward obesity. She also explores ecological influences on the development of young children's attitudes, self-perceptions and behavior, such as the feeding relationship between parent and child.

Dr. Holub earned her Ph.D. from Bowling Green State University. She has co-authored articles for the International Journal of Eating Disorders, the Journal of Pediatric Psychology, and the Journal of Applied Developmental Psychology.


Updated: December 11, 2009