Rachel Croson

Rachel Croson


  • behavioral economics
  • experimental economics
  • bounded rationality
  • psychology in economics
  • charitable giving
  • bargaining
  • negotiating
  • gender and negotiation
  • trust
  • deception
  • cooperation


Emily Martinez

Expert at a Glance

Rachel Croson , Ph.D. School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences

Professor of Economics and Director of the Negotiations Center

Dr. Croson is a behavioral economist who is interested in studying the effects of integrating psychological factors into economic settings; documenting the form and extent to which psychological concerns affect economic decisions.

One of her current research projects is Experimental Bargaining and Negotiation which deals with investigating how individuals negotiate, comparing email and face-to-face negotiation, examining cultural and gender differences in negotiation, documenting the level and consequences of deception in negotiation, and identifying levels of trust and cooperation in different populations and situations.

Croson has taught Negotiation to undergraduates, MBAs and executives since the beginning of her academic career.  She has also taught Ph.D. courses in Experimental and Behavioral Economics, and Decision Processes. She received her Ph.D. in economics from Harvard University in 1994.


Updated: November 29, 2011