Christopher Burk, Director of UT Dallas Debate program
Christopher Burk



  • Collegiate debate
  • Debate strategy
  • Debate tournaments
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Christopher Burk
Undergraduate Education

Director, Debate Program

Christopher Burk helps shape members of the UT Dallas debate team into successful strategists with razor-sharp critical thinking skills. Under Burk's guidance, debate team members have qualified for the National Debate Team (NDT) for six consecutive years.

The regional and national collegiate debate tournaments in which UT Dallas debate team members compete require extensive preparation, as well as mental stamina and agility. Skills acquired in collegiate debate are beneficial no matter what degree program or avenue of work they pursue in life.

Before becoming Program Director in 2001, Burk served as the Assistant Debate Coach at The University of Texas at Austin. While a student, he was a successful debater and multiple NDT qualifier for UT Austin. He received his bachelor of arts in government and liberal arts (honors) from The University of Texas at Austin, where he also did graduate work.

Updated: November 29, 2011