Li Zhang

Li Zhang


  • biology
  • oxygen research
  • oxygen sensing
  • blood research
  • heme
  • neurotoxicants


Katherine Morales

Expert at a Glance

Li Zhang, Ph.D. School of Natural Sciences and Mathematics

Program Head and Professor of Molecular & Cell Biology

Cecil H. and Ida Green Distinguished Chair in Systems Biology Science

Dr. Zhang is a highly accomplished and acclaimed expert in signaling research and oxygen sensing. She has made major contributions to understanding the molecular mechanisms underlying heme signaling in eukaryotic cells, such as human cells.

Heme is central to oxygen sensing and utilization in virtually all living organisms. In mammals, oxygen sensing and heme signaling is directly related to many fundamental physiological and pathological processes, such as cancers, stroke and neurological diseases. Dr. Zhang’s lab combines experimental and computational approaches to decipher the global signaling and regulatory networks mediating oxygen sensing, heme signaling, and the action of neurotoxicants.

She received her Ph.D. in biochemistry from the University of California, Los Angeles.



Updated: June 11, 2009