Denise Park

J. Michael Farmer


  • chinese history
  • medieval China
  • classical Chinese
  • women in Chinese history
  • the Silk Road
  • classical Chinese poetry
  • Daoism


Charles Lilly

Expert at a Glance

J. Michael Farmer, Ph.D. School of Arts and Humanities

Associate Professor of Arts and Humanities

Dr. Farmer is the author of The Talent of Shu: Qiao Zhou and the Intellectual World of Early Medieval Sichuan, and several peer-reviewed articles on Chinese history. He has presented workshops and seminars on Asian studies, early medieval Chinese history and classical Chinese literature.

He teaches courses on East Asian history; early, medieval and modern China; and Daoism. He received his Ph.D. in Chinese literature from the University of Wisconsin at Madison.


Updated: November 29, 2011