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chemistry, cancer research, diabetes research, rational drug design, peptidomimetics, oligo-benzamides, apoptosis, programmed cell death, CPRIT

geographic information systems (GIS), tectonics, geophysics, digital mapping, GPS, geology, sinkholes, three-dimensional mapping

broadband communications, digital broadband processing, algorithms design and analysis, computer simulations, IP creation, signal processing, wireless communication systems

securities litigation, stock market efficiency, earnings management and accounting quality, corporate financial disclosures, security analyst's earnings forecasts, accounting based valuation models

math, girls and math, math education, math competitions, Quadratic Diophantine analysis, r-Diophantine representability, AwesomeMath, Pell's equation, children and math, girl math ability, international math scores

digital integrated circuits, VLSI circuits and systems, energy-efficient chips, circuits for signal processing & communications, DSP circuits, chip design, computer arithmetic circuits, nanoscale circuits

nanotechnology, carbon nanotubes, artificial muscles, energy harvesting and storage, highly conducting organic polymers, electronic textiles, photonic crystals, new forms of carbon, optical and electronic properties, extreme mechanical properties, multifunctional materials, solid-state reactions, electrochemical devices

behavioral economics, immigrants in public schools, grocery pricing, public housing, demographic trends, changing demographics in Germany, the cost of war

traumatic brain injury in children, speech and language development, language disorders in children, auditory processing disorders in children, social cognition and social skills in children

mental health and violent crime, kids who kill, parricide, matricide, patricide, predictors of delinquency, youth crime, child abuse and neglect, developmental criminology, corrections, domestic violence, intimate partner violence, homicide, capital punishment, death penalty, castle doctrine, neuropsychological correlates of violence

Impressionism, French Impressionism, museum management, blockbuster exhibitions, French salon artists, Modern art, French painting, Pissarro, Monet, Gauguin, Degas, van Gogh

poetry, creative non-fiction, Latin American literature, Latin American poetry, literary translation, creative writing, gender studies

climate change, kidney stones and climate change, water quality, geosciences, geology, hydrology, sub-surface fluid migration, 3-D modeling

microbial molecular biology, soil bacterium, Bacillus thuringiensis, biochemsitry

Collegiate debate, Debate strategy, Debate tournaments, Debate teams, Debate in schools

speech and language disorders in children, environmental predictors of speech and language disorders, biological predictors of speech and language disorders, diagnosis of speech disorders in children, acquired communication disorders, neurological communication disorders, classification of speech disorders in children, speech and language recovery after post-traumatic brain injury in children, speech and language therapy for children

semiconductors, microelectronics, hydrogen storage, graphene and carbon nanotubes, physical and bio sensors, infrared spectroscopy, atomic layer deposition

history of science, technology and medicine, philosophy of science and technology, science and religion, art and technology, 18th- to 20th-century European intellectual history, 19th-century British history

brain health, head injury, head injury in children, brain scans, memory, brain function, brain injury, ADHD, autism, fMRI, cognitive abilities, teenage brain,

student internships, experiential learning, women's health, chronic illness, social work, hypnotherapy

physics of nanoelectronic devices, computational materials science, nanomaterials design, carbon nanotubes and nanowires, metal nanoparticles for catalyst design in renewable energy applications, interface modeling of high-k gate stack systems., nanotechnology

audiology, adult aural rehabilitaton, computerized auditory training

behavioral economics, experimental economics, bounded rationality, psychology in economics, charitable giving, bargaining, negotiating, gender and negotiation, trust, deception, cooperation

Shakespeare, Shakespeare's plays, stage directing, theater, acting, drama, puppetry, shadow/art video, performance, voice, directing, commedia dell'arte, pantomime, Greek tragedy

chemistry, protein/peptide design, nanotechnology, bionanotechnology, bioinorganic chemistry

child language development, diagnosis and treatment of specific language impairment, pediatric acquired brain injury, otitis media (ear infections) and child development, evidence-based practice and clinical decision-making, language sample analysis

sound design, digital design, interactive arts, digital arts, history of contemporary music, electro-acoustic music, sound design for video games, sound design for animation, animation, cinema sound and music

experimental economics, attitudes toward risk, risk aversion, charitable giving, gender-based discrimination, race-based discrimination, gender and cooperation, bargaining, status, trust, beauty

American Western history, Native Americans, Indians in film, Potawatomi tribe, Shawnee tribe, Great Lakes tribes

voice, arts administration, arts outreach, gallery space, concert halls, theaters, medieval, Renaissance and Baroque chamber music, teaching singing, vocal pedagogy, vocal and choral works of Johann Sebastian Bach, 20th-century vocal music

computer games, game design, game development, digital arts, game simulation, game narrative, serious games

elementary math, math education, educating homeless children, McKinney-Vento Homeless Assistance Act, Academic Bridge program, special education, educational research, Jumpstart program, dropout prevention, college readiness

chinese history, medieval China, classical Chinese, women in Chinese history, the Silk Road, classical Chinese poetry, Daoism

tsunami, earthquakes, geophysics, geology, tectonics, numerical modeling, signal processing

coal chemistry, lunar regolith, medical geology, micromineralogy

telecom engineering, optical networks, optical-network architecture, optical-network protocols, protocol design, IP over WDM networking, sensor networks, dynamic allocation and rapid provisioning of bandwidth, restoration and protection switching schemes, multi-hop, multi-rate optical networks, sensor networks, cooperative radio networks, network optimization and planning, computer network performance analysis, network simulator development

physics, semiconductors, nanomaterials, biological materials

display technology, flexible electronics, materials science, materials characterization, nuclear chemistry, electronic materials, dielectrics, organic electronics

Plasma science, Plasma chemistry, Material processing, Chemical sensors, Material diagnostics

biology, quorum sensing, bacteriology, host-microbe interactions

Chinese literature, China, Chinese intellectual thought, Chinese fiction, non-Western narrative, non-Western literature, present-day Chinese society

space weather and solar activity, satellites, space debris, collisions in space, astronomy, NASA and space program history, scientific visualization of space science data, scientific education and public outreach, aurora (the northern and southern lights), the Earth's ionosphere and magnetosphere , anime (Japanese animation) and manga (Japanese comics)

Language-based security, In-lined reference monitors, execution monitors, Type-safe intermediate languages, Proof-carrying code, Certifying compilers

voice recognition, speaker recognition, speaker analysis, speech modeling, smart cars, driving behavior, digital speech processing, speech forensics, speech enhancement, human-computer interaction, speech analysis

brain, memory, storing memories, semantic memory, EEG, behavioral neurology, cognitive neurology, aging, dementia, Alzheimer's disease, traumatic head injury, post-traumatic stress disorder, Gulf War Syndrome

Latin American literature and culture, Comparative literature of the Americas, Cuban studies, Translation, Translation studies

planetary atmospheres, space plasma sensors, solar terrestrial environment, space weather, magnetic fields

College readiness, College access, Closing the Gaps, Student diversity, Public education, Higher education, Hispanic issues, African-American issues, College enrollment, Student recruitment, Student retention, Bilingual Spanish-English proficiency

Phoenix Mars Lander, Mars, Thermal and Evolved Gas Analyzer, ionospheric composition, planetary atmospheres

children's social development, attitudes of young children, self-perceptions of young children, childhood obesity, developmental psychology, parent-child feeding relationship, young children's eating-related knowledge

physics, ATLAS, LHC, high-energy particle physics, charm and bottom quarks, BABAR spectrometer

environmental protection, energy usage and conservation, water conservation, recycling, LEED certification standards, sustainable transportation, green labs, drought, landfills, community gardening

stroke-related speech disorders, foreign accent syndrome, speech motor control, neurolinguistics, phonology, phonetics, aphasia, apraxia of speech (AOS), kinematic biofeedback, compensatory articulation

leadership, change management, strategy development, public administration, executive training, organizational change, public management, mental health in the workplace, cognitive implications for leadership

speech processing, hearing, neuroscience, neurobiology, brain changes, neuroplasticity, neuro-rehabilitation, how the brain learns, neurological disorders

microelectronics, atomic structure and chemistry of materials, phase transformation in solids, nanoelectronics, flexible electronics, nanostructural materials, 3-D fabrication of functional nanoscale devices, advanced characterization

nanotechnology, NanoTech Institute, carbon nanotubes, nano speakers, noise cancellation, supercapacitors, materials science, energy harvesting, physics

science fiction, Medieval literature, fantasy/science fiction, romance novels, Latin, heroism, epic poetry, Latin poetry, English romanticism, Alexander the Great, Dracula, Greek classics, classical tradition, Homer, The Odyssey

evaluating research in science education, curriculum, online learning environments, ecology, field data collection, environmental field methods

mortgage meltdown and foreclosure bailout plans, file sharing, new technology and copyright laws, monopolies, antitrust, intellectual property rights, network economies, Microsoft, bundling

stuttering, voice disorders, autism, clinical education

neurocognitive development, language acquisition, conceptual development, event related potentials (ERPs)

prison system, prison reform, prison gangs, prisoner classification system, prison desegregation, prison racial integration, capital punishment, gang violence, incarcerated women and sexual assault, female prisoners, female crime roles, inmate-staff relations, police ethics, racial disparities in capital punishment, HIV / AIDS risk in prisons, health concerns in prisons

auditory processing disorders, audiology, communication disorders

corporate finance, options, investments, investment decision-making, finance management, futures market

film, film history, television history, Rita Hayworth, ballet, women and film, Hollywood films, Hollywood, Hollywood stars, stars, star images, dance and film, dance history, fan magazines, movie fans

seismology, geophysics, ground-penetrating radar, geophysics, ground-penetrating radar, wave fields

social development, social cognition, developmental psychology, children's knowledge and understanding

auditory system, somatosensory system, visual system, neural plasticity, hyperactive motor disorders, tinnitus, hyperacusis, non-classical auditory pathways, hearing science, intraoperative neurophysiologic monitoring, pathologic ear, phonophobia

dinosaurs, Big Bend National Park, Caribbean, reef research, science education, teacher-student interactions

information security, software development, social networks, content delivery,

analytical chemistry, scanning probe microscopy, carbon nanotubes, nanotechnology, bionanotechnology, gas separations, fuel cells

tsunami, earthquakes, structural geology, regional tectonics, active plate margins

Families, Parenting, Child care, Self-regulation, School readiness, Parent-child attachments, Effects of early child care, Parental conflict, Child development

Holocaust, poets of the Holocaust, Hungarian poetry, 20th-century German and Hungarian literature, 20th-century German and Hungarian history

brain, aging and memory, cognition, memory, brain scans, neuroimaging, neuroscience, cognition and aging, East vs West brains

blogging, Twitter, Wikipedia, emerging media, digital culture, social networks, Grand Theft Auto, RSS

Global business, Information technology, International finance, Sales and Marketing, Business development

strategic managment, entrepreneurship, innovation, leadership, technology management, turnaround management

advertising, integrated marketing, advertising and pricing, software piracy, co-promotions, marketing models, marketing, advertising budgets

corporate giving, corporate governance, IPOs, mergers & acquisitions, financial benchmarks, disclosure regulations, intangible assets, auditor independence

Argentina, Mexican history, Mexican Revolution, Latin American literature, Latin American pop culture, history of women in Latin America, colonial Latin America, history of modern Mexico, Mexico and World War II, Mexican tourism, Mexican drug trade, drugs and narcotics, Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo, Jackson Frederick Turner, maquiladoras, marianismo, Mexican culture, women and Mexico

creative writing, 20th-century American literature, Texas history and literature, novels, short fiction

theater, acting, stage directing, ritual, shamanism, drama, media performance, indigenous performance, Native American plays, shamanism, robot culture, African theater, puppets, multicultural theater, playwriting, motion capture, interactive media

musical composition, conducting, orchestral music, chamber music, opera, music for theater, Latin-American music, music for children

Western European history, Jewish history, German-Jewish history, German Jews, Holocaust, Shoah, modern Jewish history, German History

audiology, communication disorders, otorhinolaryngology, cochlear implants, hearing aids, tactile hearing aids

children with autism, autism spectrum disorders, early social communicative skills, acquisition of vocabulary, grammar and narrative, language impairments

mechanical systems, aeospace systems, controlling, optimizing and monitoring systems, mechanical noise analysis, mechanical noise reduction, vibration analysis, vibration reduction, modeling and visualization, science policy, science education, Methods for the analysis and design of advanced multivariable control systems., Control systems for the reduction of noise and vibrations in civil engineering structures, advanced helicopter rotors, compressors in gas turbine engines and machine tools., Methods for calibrating mathematical models of parachute systems and color printers., Control systems to optimize the performance of thermoacoustic cooling processes., Algorithms for the accurate prediction of aircraft trajectories., A virtual sensor to monitor temperatures in electric machines.

brain, cognition, aging, memory, short-term memory, working memory, fMRI, neurobiology

condensed matter physics, phase transitions, magnetism, higher education

terrorism, counterterrorism, game theory, hostage negotiations, international conflict, treaties, international terrorism

personalization, knowledge management, data privacy, software release, information and knowledge quality

Autism, Social dysfunction, Eye tracking, Infant perception, Childhood development, Repetitive behavior, Infant screening, Social impairments, Visual stimulation, Cognitive testing, Early learning

information technology, e-commerce, operations management, technology, trend spotting, next-generation technology, technology & society, computer gaming, girls & computer games

literary translation, translation, 20th-century European literature, 20th-century Latin American literature, Spanish translations, German translations, French translations

operations management, operations research, supply chain management, inventory models, mathematical finance, optimization problems, optimal control,

biomedical magnetic resonance techniques, intermediary metabolism, Magnet Resonance Imaging (MRI), metabolic imaging, molecular imaging, brain function, functional brain imaging, Mouse MRI Core Facility

chemistry, membranes, rubber, plastics, fuel cells, micro-optics, renewable resources, biodegradable materials

infant-directed speech, prosodic properties of speech, face perception, memory development, perceptual development

molecular & cell biology, gene expression, bacteria, stress responses, nitric oxide

robotics, engineering education, control systems, motion planning and analysis, robot modeling, mechatronics, microprocessors, sensors

Collegiate chess, Chess scholarships, Chess team recruiting, Scholastic affiliates program, Chaz Lilly, 972-883-4461

flexible manufacturing, activity-based costing, quality competitiveness, risk pooling, production scheduling, operations management, supply chain, production planning

tsunami, earthquakes, Arabian-Nubian Shield, geosciences, continental crust, tectonics, geochemistry, Izu-Bonin-Mariana arc system, geology of the Middle East, geology of the Gulf of Mexico

cochlear implants, auditory-verbal therapy, speech and language, deafness, hearing impaired children

contemporary art and architecture, conceptual art, theories of the avant-garde, urbanism and art, media and new media theory

computer and video art, media studies, digital media, experimental video, online videos, online documentaries, Second Life, virtual reality, emerging media, online communication, teaching new media

auditory feedback, speech and language, profound hearing loss, cochlear implant devices, speech perception, language development, hearing impaired children, language intervention, language impairments, hearing impairments, brain imaging, deafness

modern American literature, African-American literature, William Faulkner, Harry Potter, Wizard of Oz, Chronicles of Narnia

children's social development, friendship, bullying, social aggression, physical aggression, developmental psychology, teens and technology, peer relations, gender relations, children's emotion regulation, boys' social groups, girls' social groups

lunar surface temperatures, thermal infrared remote sensing, NASA, Mars, icy satellites of giant planets, physics and astronomy education research, K-12 science curriculum development, professional development for teachers

high-k gate dielectrics, metal gate electrodes, surface and interface reactions, integrated circuits, semiconductor, impurity diffusion, material surface and thin film characterization

physics and chemistry of advanced materials, carbon nanotubes, nanotechnology, fullerenes, theory of excitons, polarons, solitons in solids, optical and microwave spectroscopy, molecular superconductivity, ferromagnetism, conducting polymers, electronic molecular devices

biology, oxygen research, oxygen sensing, blood research, heme, neurotoxicants

cyberpsychology, e-marketing, virtual business, e-learning, modeling and simulation

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